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A Guide to Buying Hex Dumbbells

By Richard McKay October 09, 2020 0 comments

hex dumbbells

Are you thinking about purchasing a set of dumbbells? With so many options of the market, it can be challenging to know where to look. Dumbbells are one of the most used items at the gym and make a great addition to your home workout arsenal. 

Unlike your typical round dumbbells, rubberised hex dumbbells don’t roll away. Dumbbells are a versatile piece of fitness equipment that is suitable for a wide variety of exercises and training sessions. To make the right choice, we talk your through the basics, the benefits of hex dumbbells, and some of the best exercises to make the most out of your dumbbell workout. 

In this article:

  • Proud Hex Dumbbells Basics 
  • 4 Benefits of Rubberised Hex Dumbbells 
  • The Best Exercises for Hex Dumbbells 

Proud Hex Dumbbells Basics 

Hex dumbbells are a cost-effective way to exercise at home. They have been a training staple in the fitness industry for many years. Benefits of dumbbell exercises include:

  • Build muscle 
  • Lose weight 
  • Improve cardiovascular health 
  • Increase bone density 

Hexagonal dumbbells consist of two weighted heads, where the majority of the weight is located, and a central handle shaft. Each head of the dumbbell has a hexagonal shape to prevent rolling. The main difference between rounded and hexagonal dumbbells is the shape of the head. The non-rolling feature and shape make hexagonal dumbbells a popular choice for home gyms. It’s worth looking for hex dumbbells with a rubber coating as this can help protect your flooring or chip any paint. 

What makes Proud hex dumbbells unique is the rubberised six-point loadout and the ergonomic grip. This means the equipment doesn’t move during training sessions which is very beneficial in preventing injury from rolling weights. The ergonomic handle increases the comfort of training and stops the dumbbell from slipping out the hand during exercise. 

4 Benefits of Rubberised Hex Dumbbells 

Rubberised hex dumbbells have several benefits. They are a popular choice for both personal home gyms and commercial studios. Here are four reasons why you should include hex dumbbells in your next workout. 

Hardwearing and Robust 

Rubber hex dumbbells are made out of iron and coated in a protective rubber. This means that the equipment is hardwearing and robust. If you’re looking to invest in something that will last, this is a great option for you. 

Quality Feel and Look

The protective rubber and black colour gives the dumbbells a quality look and feel. They have a premium appearance that fits nicely into any fitness facility. 

Do Not Roll Away 

A major benefit of hex dumbbells is that they don’t roll away. When lifting weights, standard rounded weights have the potential to roll during exercise. This can be potentially dangerous in a workout environment. 

Minimise Noise

The rubber coating on dumbbells helps to minimise noise when dropping weights and putting them on the ground. This is especially beneficial for home gyms looking to keep the sound to a minimum. Whether you want to workout early in the morning without waking your family up or have some close neighbours, it’s important to look for equipment that keeps the noise to an appropriate level. 

The Best Exercises for Hex Dumbbells 

You can perform a ton of different exercises with hex dumbbells to boost your heart rate and build muscle. You can directly stimulate muscle growth with hex dumbbell exercises with a few key upper body exercises such as shoulder press, one-arm row, and a bench press. 

If you frequently switch between cardio and weights, you tend to pick up and put down weights regularly. As the dumbbells don’t move around on the floor, they will always be in the same spot you left them. Hex dumbbells are especially useful for floor work like dumbbell push-ups. Some of the best exercises to do with hex dumbbells includes:

  • Bicep curl 
  • Goblet squat 
  • Bent-over row 
  • One-arm swing 
  • Dumbbell lunge 

Often, people choose gym equipment based on how something looks, but it pays to research, so you invest in the right item for your needs and training. If you’re looking for a versatile piece of equipment to take your home workout up a notch, hex dumbbells are an excellent choice. Dumbbells should form part of your essential exercise set up. Whether you want to integrate cardio and strength training or lose weight, the right home fitness equipment can help you hit your goals. Minimise noise, protect the floor, and ensure weights don’t roll away with hex dumbbells. 

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