Products are covered under a one year warranty from receipt of delivery.
Warranty covers any defects under normal use during the Warranty period.
During the Warranty period we will replace, at no extra charge, products or parts of the product defective because of improper materials or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.
Dependant on the issue, we will take the following steps:
- Replace any broken parts
- Exchange with a replacement
- Offer a full refund
Warranty does not cover:
- Damage of the product resulting from negligence or misuse
- Normal wear and tear
- Damage resulting from unauthorised modification of the product
- Theft or loss of product
- Damage caused by inappropriate flooring 
- Damage resulting from bumper plates not being used on a suitable, good quality lifting platform
- Issues with superficial stickers, badges or end caps
- Damage resulting from throwing or dropping products that are not designed for this purpose including but not limited to dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells
- Issues arising from regular exposure to direct sunlight, heat sources or unsuitable temperatures eg Rust from equipment left exposed outdoors or in unheated areas
- Damage resulting from inappropriate storage