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Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes 40 foot(12 metres)
Battle Ropes 40 foot(12 metres)

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Battle ropes, or battling ropes,  are the next wave in fitness trends. These heavy ropes are used to provide a fast and powerful workout.  Commonly referred to as a battling rope workout or battle rope workouts, these dynamic exercise routines help build upper body strength, boost heart rate, and provide an awesome workout for both home gym enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

Let’s explore the advantages of a battle rope workout. 

What Are Battle Ropes?

A battle rope is a thick heavy length of rope used to perform a series of high-intensity exercises collectively referred to as battle rope exercises. While each individual battle rope exercise will vary in intensity and function, battle ropes provide a challenging cardio and strength-building workout that helps to supercharge fat loss and build muscle mass.  


Battle Ropes: Uses

Battle ropes are used to perform a series of popular exercises that require the user to manipulate the large heavy ropes using both arms to create alternating waves running the length of each rope.   While the premise of battle rope exercises is not complex, both home gym warriors and professional athletes can attest to the power of this great workout technique.  Battle ropes can be used either secured to a fixed anchor point or left untethered. 


Battle Ropes: Benefits

Battle rope workouts provide a number of unique benefits. While traditional cardio workouts often focus on powerful bursts of motion propelled by the large leg muscles, few cardio exercises concentrate on the upper body. Battle rope exercises help build stamina in the upper body by challenging the user to maintain a continuous flow of movement for a sustained period of time powered primarily by the muscles in the chest, shoulders, and arms. 

A strategic battle rope workout will target far more than just the upper body. Users may opt to perform exercises from a squat position, or add in a series of lunges, and jumps to work the legs, thighs, and glutes as well. The high-intensity, whole-body workout provides an awesome cardio workout as well.


Our Battle Ropes Products 

Super Strong offers high-quality battle ropes perfect for every type of battle rope workout and every fitness level. 


The TRX 1.5" x 30' 8kg Fitness Conditioning Rope is ideal for performing the jacks, slams, and waves that engage your entire core and launching the throws and pulls that provide an explosive whole-body workout.


We also offer longer 40-foot (12-metre) battle ropes that are ideal for beginners, and seasoned gym goers.   The longer length allows for smoother alternating waves, and accommodates the incorporations of squat body position, lunges, and jumps into the battle rope workout. 

 All Super Strength Fitness battle ropes feature comfortable rubber grips for safety and security. The heavyweight ropes are tightly braided and secured with metal end caps for maximum durability. 


Battle Ropes: Alternatives

While there are few exercise tools that can compare to the battle rope,  there are workout tools that can provide similar benefits in the event that injury prevents you from taking part in a high-intensity battle rope workout. 

 Many users of battle ropes use free weights, dumbells, and kettlebells to provide similar targeting of the muscles in the chest, shoulders, and arms. Pair these tools with a cardio Speed Rope routine or other forms of calisthenics targeting the lower body and add in squats and lunges to get a full body workout. 

Just remember, if you are recovering from injury, you will want to perform any high-impact aerobic activity on a rubber gym mat floor to protect knees, ankles, and other joints and ligaments. Proper gym flooring absorbs impact and will also protect your subfloor.


Are you ready to start your battling rope workout routine? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need some advice.