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Echelon Sport Connect Bike-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £320.00
SAVE £320.00
Echelon Sport Connect Bike
£479.00 £799.00
Echelon Sport-s Connect Bike-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £430.00
SAVE £430.00
Echelon Sport-s Connect Bike
£669.00 £1,099.00
Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike-SuperStrong Fitness
Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike
Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £500.00
SAVE £500.00
Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill
£1,099.00 £1,599.00
Echelon Row-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £350.00
SAVE £350.00
Echelon Row
£599.00 £949.00
Echelon Reflect Touch-SuperStrong Fitness
Echelon Reflect Touch
Echelon Ex-7s Connect bike-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £600.00
SAVE £600.00
Echelon Ex-7s Connect bike
£1,399.00 £1,999.00
Echelon Ex-Pro Commercial Smart Bike
Echelon Ex-Pro Commercial Smart Bike
Echelon Row-7s Commercial Rowing Machine
Echelon Row-7s Commercial Rowing Machine

Echelon takes Cardio Fitness to a Whole New Level

Sick of working out tirelessly at home, checking the 'calories burned' and already dreading your next session on the treadmill?  Perhaps the sight of a spinning studio is enough to send you into a spin.  Get Connected with our wide range of Echelon Smart Cardio equipment and see your fitness experience transform.  We supply all products from the super popular Echelon Connect Bike and Echelon Stride Treadmill to the Echelon Row series for a great choice of Cardio kit to suit your style.  

Let's explore the main features of our signature Echelon product range in more detail.

Echelon Membership - What is included?

Echelon offer flexible payment plan options when you subscribe which includes access for 4 additional users meaning you can set up your entire family and compete against them or work alongside friends who share the same goals.  An Echelon membership also comes with a 1 Year Warranty and access to their amazing Echelon App.  


What is involved in the Echelon App?

What is not involved!  There is access to hundreds of on demand classes, a leaderboard to compete against others, scenic rides and routes with full immersive and sensory interaction, world-class instructors plus you can integrate and sync all of your stats, wellness apps and performance tracking in one place.  The Echelon community is a thriving and animated group of mixed level fitness users who support each other through different goals, challenges and training.  With this, brings motivation and consistency, two key success factors in progressing further in your fitness journey.  The Echelon App empowers you to take complete management of your fitness whether you are just starting out or aiming to advance your training and skills.  


Tell me more about Echelon Classes

What types of classes does Echelon offer?  Whether you opt for the an Echelon bike, an Echelon rower or opt for running using the Echelon Stride, there are live classes to help you master your form, set suitable and personalised goals, monitor your progress and stay consistent.  Echelon provide fresh content on a regular basis to help you stay focused and engaged.  Additionally you have access to all other types of workout classes such as Strength Training, Core and Cardio, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation and so much more.  If you have always wanted to try Boxing but aren't too sure where to start or sample some Meditation techniques to assist your sleep, Echelon opens doors to new challenges and positive lifestyle changes.


Echelon Connect Bike

Echelon boasts a full series of Echelon Connect bikes such as the Echelon Ex 3 to Ex7 and Echelon Sport catering for all levels of fitness whether you are a complete newbie or a trained pro.  With the Echelon App you can visit other countries while you cycle through scenic mountains and alongside seascapes, challenge a family member on the virtual leaderboard or get tips from professional instructors.  Each echelon bike has ergonomic features such as a deluxe padded seat, fully adjustable handlebars and up to 32 resistance levels.  

Which Echelon Bike has a built-in Screen?

Echelon bikes with a fully integrated built in screen are the Echelon Ex-5, Echelon Ex-7, Echelon Sport-s Connect and Echelon Pro.  The Echelon Ex-3 and Sport Connect Echelon bike do not have a built in screen but they have a handy device console which you can use to connect to all Echelon features and Echelon classes.


  • Maximum User Weight - 136kg
  • Bluetooth Tech
  • 32 Resistance Levels
  • Ergonomic Handlebars and Deluxe Seat
  • 32-level Magnetic Flywheel
  • Built in Speakers
  • Adjustable Features
  • Easy Assemble and wheeled portability
  • Integrated Rotating Touch Screen
  • Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava

Echelon Row

Row with other rowing enthusiasts in the Echelon community, nail your Echelon Row form by training with expert coaches or try a beginner Echelon class with Echelons impressive, high tech Rowing system.  It's ultra slick profile comes with fully adjustable features and is able to be folded and stored away easily. The upgraded Echelon row-7s also has a rotating 22" touch screen so you can flip around and perform other workout types.



  • 32 Resistance Levels
  • Foldable Design
  • Rotating Touch Screen(Echelon row-7s only)
  • Silent Magnetic ResistanceErgonomic and Adjustable features
  • Extended Lifecycle with built in safety enhancements
  • Bluetooth Tech
  • Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava

Echelon Treadmill Stride

Stride your way to the top with Echelons state of the art treadmill system that lets you work at your own pace, optimise your running performance or carry out explosive workouts from the comfort of your home.  Discover the rolling hills of Europe in Scenic mode or train for a marathon with other sprinters and push boundaries.  Challenge yourself without ever stepping out the door.  One of the best things about the Echelon Treadmill is that it saves space and can be easily folded away when not in use.  It means you can use this equipment in any room of the house without disrupting family life.


  • Simple assembly and storage
  • 15.5mph speeds
  • Auto-fold design
  • Up to 16 Incline levels
  • DURO50 Running Deck
  • Bluetooth Tech
  • Up to 32 Inch Rotating Touch Screen
  • Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava

Echelon Reflect Touch

The Echelon Reflect Touch mirror is a fantastic tool for home workouts.  It can be mounted on the wall or a stand and is easily assembled and stored away.  Master your technique, build strength and tone your body with unique and versatile training techniques with another amazing Echelon training system.  This interactive, fully immersive fitness tool helps you to stay present, show up and be accountable while delivering complete body workouts.

What are the similarities to the Peloton Bike?

The Echelon bike is the more affordable alternative to Peloton bike with exactly the same features and access to an extensive range of workouts and on demand classes as well as a huge social support network.   SuperStrong offer 45 FREE days subsciption when you purchase from us as well as FREE DELIVERY.  Take advantage of a fantastic offer and take your first real steps to lifechanging fitness.

Why should I invest in Echelon?

When you commit to a fitness programme you are investing in yourself and a change of lifestyle.  Spending money, time and effort on fitness equipment is about taking charge of your personal health and wellbeing and thinking about the future ahead.  Some people wouldn't think twice about laying down the money for a holiday, a new car or some new clothes so when it comes to fitness it is just as important if not more so.  If you have spent a small fortune on gym memberships that you never wanted to go to, personal training that you dreaded or boring home gym equipment that ended up in the garage then you struggle with motivation and consistency.  That's where Echelon comes in.  Echelon is centred around you, your lifetsyle and your goals.  But it also adds fun, excitement and social engagement through exercise that some people have never experienced before.  Echelon allows you to explore new workouts and sports without feeling the pressure, it lets you try different ways of enhancing your life through Yoga and Meditation and most importantly it allows you to step away from your comfort zone in measured steps.  If you have any other questions about Echelon, feel free to get in touch if you would like to speak to one of our friendly team in Customer Care.

Considering other Cardio equipment options?  As well as Echelon, we also supply the prestigious Concept2 series of dynamic fitness equipment including the popular RowERG and dynamic BikERG.

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