Business Background

Flung together by the challenges presented by Covid19 and the desire to build an ecommerce business that would enhance the UK fitness industry allowing a better life-work balance, Michael and Richard made the decision to launch Super Strong Fitness, a concept they had considered for several years.

Both have an extensive background in the commercial building industry, a time-served experience in the world of e-commerce and created Super Strong from years of dedicated research and insight.  

By harnessing the ideas, skills and commitment of previous associates, employees and friends, they were able to build a business based on fresh ideas, customer focus and quality materials.

Meet the Team

Michael Geraghty - Operations Director

Richard McKay - Director

Katie McKay - Marketing Manager

Willie Reid - Logistics Manager

Martha Geraghty- Customer Relations Officer

Core Values

Customer Service

We have a small team of dedicated people who have a genuine interest in delivering quality both in terms of the customer experience and in our product offering.  From our Customer Service team to our Warehouse and Logistics staff, we are committed to providing a first class support service, impartial advice and easy no-hassle transactions.

Quality and Affordability

We intelligently source products and materials from across the world and work with suppliers and importers globally to ensure we can offer customer choice, premium quality and affordability.  


The Pandemic has defined a new face of work and life balance as many of us work from home and engage further in online community and digital fitness.  We as a company have also embraced these changes and are passionate in promoting greater attention to general fitness and wellbeing in our daily lives through our media platforms.