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Weightlifting Drop Pads

Drop Pads
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Drop Pads

Shop Weightlifting Drop Pads for Ultra Safety

If you are serious about weightlifting and hoping to advance to heavier weights, Weightlifting Drop Pads are pretty essential for safety, protection and sound reduction whether you are working out in a Garage Gym, are a gym owner with a fitness facility or PT Studio.

Let's look at these points in more detail.


Weightlifting Drop Pads are designed to absorb the heavy impact from weights allowing the lifter to drop heavy weights if they need to do so, in times of emergency or because they are struggling with the weight.  This user can safely drop the barbell to the floor without injurying themselves in the process.  You will notice that drop pads are used widely in commercial gyms, in lifting areas,  to ensure maximum safety of the user and the surrounding environment.


Usually made from high density foam , a Weightlifting Drop Pad is a cushioned surface that protects the subfloor from damage aswell as preserving the life of your Barbells, Bumper Plates and Weight Plates.  As they are commonly used in Barbell training where users perform Deadlifts and other weightlifting drops, the crash pads usually come in pairs to provide a suitable platform for high impact drops. Repetitive drops with steel plates and other heavy weights can cause extensive and costly damage.

Drop Pads Reduces Noise

One of the key reasons for using Weightlifting Drop Pads or Deadlift Crash Pads as they are sometimes referred to, is that they do a great job of reducing noise and vibrations from weightlifting drops and training.  The foam blocks covered with an ultra durable PVC dull the sound of crashing weights when they hit the ground, something most weight trainers would want to avoid.  Despite having rubber gym flooring installed, if you plan on regularly lifting heavy weights, a drop pad set up is definitely recommended for noise control and vibrations.

Why are Deadlifting Pads useful in a Home or Garage Gym

Most workouts at home are done solely.  If you are weight training on your own it is always advisable to have additional safety measures in place to avoid accidents and injury.  Another thing to consider is other family members and neighbours.  They might not appreciate your fantastic Deadlift skills as much as you if they are sitting in the adjoining room or the flat below!

Commercial Gyms & Studios

Noise reduction is particularly important in a busy gym space with high traffic, lots of operating equipment and users performing weight training workouts.  All efforts to insulate noise, sound and vibration should be taken which is why so many fitness centres install noise reducing rubber flooring to accommodate free weights, slam balls, HIIT and interval training.  Solid and robust drop pads are excellent for specified lifting platform zones to dull Barbell crashing and provide additional safety.

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