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Hottest 10 YouTube Fitness Channels

By Michael Geraghty September 08, 2022 0 comments

When it comes to working up a sweat at home, your options used to be limited to the treadmill and a dusty aerobics DVD. Now, you’ve got access to millions of high-quality fitness videos on YouTube alone, ready to get your heart rate up. This is great news for those of us who find there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get to an exercise class or the gym. At-home workouts can be equipment-free or incorporate all the same workout gear you’d normally use. 

YouTube fitness videos range from calming meditation to upbeat dance cardio to high-intensity training, with lifestyle, nutrition, and other content sprinkled in. Sometimes the wealth of content makes it difficult to pinpoint the best channels for your needs, especially when it comes to consistency and quality. If you’re looking for strength training, HIIT, or CrossFit-inspired workouts, here are some of our favourite fitness channels to tune into for your next session. 


YouTube Fitness

YouTube fitness personality Craig Richey, based in Leamington Spa, is a personal trainer, CrossFit content creator, and was recently crowned British Weightlifting Champion in the 89kg category. His videos range from workouts, CrossFit current events, weightlifting news, and general lifestyle content. Chances are, if you've watched a YouTube video about CrossFit in the past few years, it had something to do with the TeamRICHEY channel. Richey co-runs the vlog with partner Jasmine Cabourn, and their dynamic insight into the industry has led to it becoming one of the more highly respected sources of CrossFit content in the world.

Natcha Oceane

YouTube Fitness

Fitness trainer Natacha Oceane does it all.  Her videos range from nutritional breakdowns to 'days in the life' to the science behind exercise. If you’re looking for a quick but efficient workout, Oceane offers creative HIIT routines on her YouTube Channel that focus on cardio and strength building to help you stay fit and burn fat. Many of her workouts are made to be “apartment friendly,” meaning they require no neighbour-enraging moves like jumping or loud equipment. Fans also enjoy watching Oceane attempt impressive athletic feats like military training challenges and long-distance running.

YouTube Fitness

While independent fitness influencers can provide you with a variety of specialized content, sometimes you need to turn to the professionals. If you’re focused on bulking up or simply looking to turn things up a notch in your workout regimen, head to’s YouTube channel. Touted as a place for serious athletes looking to improve their strength training, the channel features plenty of hardcore weight-training workouts along with expert tips from professional bodybuilders on all of the hallmarks of the sport including supplements and nutrition. 

PopSugar Fitness

YouTube Fitness

Sometimes it’s all you can do to turn the TV on and sit on the couch, nevermind actually exercise! PopSugar Fitness is exactly what you might need to motivate you to get up and move thanks to the channel’s energetic coaches and trainers. As the health branch of the popular entertainment site, the channel focuses on trendy, popular workouts including HIIT and celebrity-approved routines with chart-topping playlists. It also gives great tips in short videos that breakdown exercises that are commonly done incorrectly, like squats and stretches. 

Lucy Wyndham-Read

YouTube Fitness

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s YouTube channel has gained millions of views thanks to its simplicity and straightforward methods towards fitness and weightloss. Wyndham-Read previously served in the British Army as an army corporal, following which she became a personal trainer and nutritionist. This channel is probably best known for Wyndham-Read’s 21-day fitness and nutrition plans, which are perfect for beginners looking to motivate themselves. Her workouts are typically short and easy to get started with, and focused on overall health and weight loss.


YouTube Fitness

The official CrossFit video channel is by far the most popular source for CrossFit videos on YouTube. Every day, they post short workout tips so that you can learn how to tweak your workout. In between, CrossFit HQ also posts plenty of health-related content surrounding maintaining healthy habits, eating to improve your recovery, and more. For most CrossFit fans this is a no-brainer when it comes to who to follow.


YouTube Fitness

One of the hallmark’s of the fitness channel HASfit is that it has pledged to provide all of its content to users at no cost. Many other content creators limit access to specific content or require a subscription to access all videos, but HASfit founders Coach Kozak and Claudia maintain that everyone can use their over 1,000 full length YouTube routines, in addition to various monthly fitness plans and meal prep - for free! Their content aims to include all participations, from longer more intense HIIT practices to beginner’s exercises. They also accommodate a wide range of activity levels and dietary restrictions within their programs. 

Krissy Cela

YouTube Fitness

Krissy Cela has over 2 million social media followers, many of whom use her global fitness app Tone & Sculpt. The app is marketed towards women as a family who support, care and elevate one another. Her YouTube channel follows the same mission and aims to help users build muscle, strength, and gain confidence. She offers a wide set of exercises including intense weight training sessions and bodyweight workouts that require no equipment. Her goal is to empower women through weight-lifting and nutrition to achieve the results they want.

Omar Isuf

YouTube Fitness

If you’re looking to laugh through your next workout, we recommend Omar Isuf. While equipped to give verified advice as a former bodybuilder, his fun personality makes achieving your fitness goals a lot more interesting. His channel offers tips on increasing your strength and pumping up your muscles through weightlifting. Most of his videos do require some gym equipment, such as a barbell rack and bench. Even if you don’t have everything you need at home, it’s a great option to either modify the workout to suit your environment, or even save videos to reference once you get the time to visit the gym.

Mr. and Mrs. Muscle

YouTube Fitness

Mr. and Mrs. Muscle are a married couple, Viv and Mike, who bring their expertise in personal training and fitness to high-energy videos featuring both or just one of them for all kinds of different content. Appealing to both men and women, both trainers bring their own knowledge and modifications to the same workout. Users can do the workouts on their own or with a partner to keep them accountable. Through HIIT and strength training, Mr. and Mrs. Muscle aim to help you burn calories and lose weight through workouts ranging from 15-45 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just enjoy an occasional home workout, YouTube has a plethora of Fitness Channels to suit all levels and styles.  Following your favourite channels keeps you motivated and consistent with your goals while keeping things fresh and fun.

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