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Weight Benches

Adjustable Decline And Incline Weight Bench
SAVE £20.00
SAVE £20.00
Adjustable Decline And Incline Weight Bench
£149.00 £169.00
Adjustable Weight Bench - Heavy duty
Sold Out
Adjustable Weight Bench - Heavy duty
Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench
SAVE £20.00
SAVE £20.00
Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench
£329.00 £349.00
Commercial Flat Bench
SAVE £20.00
SAVE £20.00
Commercial Flat Bench
£99.00 £119.00
Glute Ham Developer (GHD)
SAVE £140.00
SAVE £140.00
Glute Ham Developer (GHD)
£459.00 £599.00

Shop Weight Bench Options for Optimal Comfort & Versatility

A weight bench is a central piece of equipment in your Home gym or commercial facility. It facilitates a huge amount of exercises and can be used in conjunction with a variety of gym equipment such as barbells, weight plates and dumbbells.

What types of Exercises can I do with Weight Benches?

Weight benches are super versatile. They can be used for all types of weight training and strength training workouts as well as arm, back, core and leg exercises. Here are just a few:-

Dumbbell Bench Press

Chest Presses/Chest Flys

Preacher Curl Benches

Lateral Raises

Arnold Press

Bench Tricep Dips

Bulgarian Split Squats

Our Weight Benches

Our fully adjustable weight benches are constructed from heavy duty powder coated steel for an ultra durable and stable construction. With strong, padded seat upholsery, leg support options and different design options, we have a weight bench suitable for all types of use.

We offer:-

  • Incline/Recline Weight Benches

  • Flat Benches

  • Leg Support Weight Bench options

  • Multi Gym Benches

  • Sit-Up Weight Bench

Main Benefits of Gym Benches

Suitable for all levels from beginners to seasoned pros

Gym benches support beginners and help more experienced athletes maintain their form.

Elevates Performance

Using a weights bench allows users to master lifting technique and form.


Weight benches can be adjusted and moved to different positions to accommodate various exercises allowing for a greater range of motion or resistance. They can be used at an incline or flat setting and heights can be adjusted.


A weight bench is easy to move around and store away when not in use.


Investing in a weight bench is a relatively inexpensive piece of fitness equipment. You receive a huge amount of use and workout content for what you pay.

Did you Know?

We also supply a full range of Squat Racks, Power Cages and Multi Gyms as well as modular attachments. See here for full details