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Cardio Fitness Equipment

Echelon Sport Connect Bike-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £320.00
SAVE £320.00
Echelon Sport Connect Bike
£479.00 £799.00
Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £500.00
SAVE £500.00
Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill
£1,099.00 £1,599.00
Echelon Sport-s Connect Bike-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £430.00
SAVE £430.00
Echelon Sport-s Connect Bike
£669.00 £1,099.00
SkiErg-SuperStrong Fitness
Echelon Row-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £350.00
SAVE £350.00
Echelon Row
£599.00 £949.00
BikeErg-SuperStrong Fitness
RowErg-Standard Legs-SuperStrong Fitness
Echelon Row-7s Commercial Rowing Machine
Echelon Row-7s Commercial Rowing Machine
Echelon Ex-Pro Commercial Smart Bike
Echelon Ex-Pro Commercial Smart Bike
Echelon Ex-7s Connect bike-SuperStrong Fitness
SAVE £600.00
SAVE £600.00
Echelon Ex-7s Connect bike
£1,399.00 £1,999.00
Echelon Reflect Touch-SuperStrong Fitness
Echelon Reflect Touch
Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike-SuperStrong Fitness
Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike

Cardio burns a lot calories so is therefore a great way to lose weight and keep it off too.

To get the most out cardio it is recommended that train for at least 30 minutes, three times a week.

Cardio fitness equipment can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals doing exercises like walking, running, rowing or biking.

Our Echelon range of Smart Cardio machines can make achieving your goals even more enjoyable by attending live and on-demand classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by choosing some of the scenic routes. Run, Row or Jog some of the worlds most scenic routes.

Cardio Equipment Reviews

Here are just some of the reviews on the popular Echelon series and Concept2 range.

Echelon Connect Ex-5S

"I’ve not only lost weight by riding my Echelon Connect EX-5S bike, but I’ve also gained muscle, I can feel my body changing and getting stronger with every ride. When I started, I rode with an average of 10 on the resistance, these days my average has moved up to 18 or so which has been so exciting to see.  If you’re considering adding this piece of equipment into your home, my advice is to do it. The only time you may regret it is after you do your first ride because you didn’t get one sooner [and sure, you may feel a little like what just happened as your sweat is rollin’ in places you didn’t know existed, but that’s neither here nor there]".

Erin Schrader 

Echelon Connect Sport-S

"Excellent construction, large interactive screen and multipoint adjustments are the standout features of this bike. If you need that extra push to get you motivated to work out, then this could be the perfect match for you".

Danny Foxton 

Concept2 Rower

"I wanted to lose weight and be a little fit. It sounds simple, but the hard part to that plan is that I hate exercise. I like sports and bike riding—if I'm going somewhere—but exercise for the sake of exercise: NO WAY! Then I found the Concept2 rower, did some research and found out that it's the best overall exercise machine. It exercises the most muscles with one machine. It was an easy choice! And since I'm not trying to win any races, it's easy exercise. I can listen to books while I do it, which provides me with extra motivation. I bought my own (after using one in our community workout room) along with wireless headphones and now I enrich my mind while toning my body. It's a win-win. I have to say, I've lost the weight I wanted to lose and I've gained a habit that will benefit me for a lifetime".

Sandra Jones 

Echelon Connect Bike

"I am addicted to this echelon bike !! The app is fantastic easy to use it tracks your exercise and gives you access to loads of different spin classes- I love the hills classes. I used to run but my back was hurting this is soooooo much better and I burn more calories !! Love it !"

Wellow, Romsey