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What is a Squat Rack?

A squat rack is a metal frame made from heavy duty steel which aids the weight lifter in performing a squat and other exercises. Squat racks have adjustable J hooks which support a barbell at different heights allowing squat racks to be tailored to the individual user.

Once your height is set, the barbell is placed on the J hooks, sometimes known as barbell rests, allowing the lifter to get underneath the bar to perform the squat.

Why do I need a Squat Rack?

The Squat indisputably, is one of the most efficient exercise you can perform. It is a very powerful compound lift which engages your largest muscle groups all in one movement.

A Squat rack assists you to lift heavy weights successfully by getting your barbell and weight plates into a position you wouldn't be able to do free hand allowing you to work out both the upper and lower body.

The Squat rack is not only for performing squats but can be used in conjunction with a weight bench(l) and other accessories such as landmines or dip bars enabling the you to perform bench press exercises, lunges, calf raises, deadlift, pull ups and many more.

Which Squat Rack is for me?

We have all different types of squat rack here at Super Strong Fitness, Squat Stands(L), Quarter Rack(L), Power Rack, Freestanding squat rack (modular), wall mounted squat rack (modular) and folding rack, all are fully adjustable squat rack.

Squat Stand

The Squat Stand is for when space and manouverability is a priority. The Squat Stand has a much smaller foot print than the other free standing squat racks so is easily tucked into a corner of your home gym when not in use.

Power Racks

The Power rack also known as squat cage or power cage is a steel cage in which you stand whilst exercising.

 The Power rack have multiple height increments were you can set your j hooks at height which you suit you and also set your spotter bars allowing you to train on your own safely.

Our power racks are made of 75 x 75mm powder coated box steel and come with hooks, multi grip pull up bar and web catchers as standard. cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

The 110mm shelves and all attachments including the weight plate holders are compatible with the power rack.

The power rack can be found in every commercial gym but is becoming increasingly popular for the home or garage gym.

Folding Squat Rack

Our foldable squat rack is made for the same 75 x 75m box steel as the power rack and modular racks.

The stand out feature of this squat rack is its ability to fold flat against the wall, perfect for when space is an issue.

This rack also comes with J hooks which are suitable for both standard and olympic bars and also features a straight pull up bar for the chin ups

Free Standing and Wall Mounted Squat Racks 

Free standing and wall mounted squat rack or rigs were initially developed for Cross fit boxes but  the versatilty of these squat racks or gym rigs are quickly find their way into home gym setting.

We have a huge range of components and attachments meaning any configuration is possible and with it being modular you can add on at any time.

As with the Power rack its made of powder coated 75mm x 75mm steel steel, with laser cut numbered height increments and features 4 straight bars for pull ups.