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Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebells
SAVE £90.00
SAVE £90.00
Cast Iron Kettlebells
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Cast Iron Kettlebells

The SuperStrong Cast Iron Kettlebells are made using the 300 year old Russian single cast method which ensures maximum strength and durability.  Each Cast Iron Kettlebell has a textured powder coated finish for a steady and comfortable grip, an essential safety factor for casual lifters and competition trainers alike.  Every Cast Iron Kettlebell is coloured coded according to weight and is uniform in size, handle diameter and height to provide consistency across each product and set.

Small Set: 1 x 8kg kettlebell, 1 x 12kg kettlebell, 1 x 16kg kettlebell, 1 x 20kg kettlebell and 1 x 24kg kettlebell

Complete Set:  1 x 8kg kettlebell, 1 x 12kg kettlebell, 1 x 16kg kettlebell, 1 x 20kg kettlebell and 1 x 24kg kettlebell, 1 x 28kg kettlebell and 1 x 32kg kettlebell

Frequently bought, Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells are a popular strength training tool for many reasons.  In general, whether you opt for cast iron or urethane, Cast Iron Kettlebells have a ton of benefits.

Cast Iron Kettlebells are Multi Functional 

When it comes to fitness essentials, having a set of Cast Iron Kettlebells is a staple for any Home Gym or Commercial fitness facility.  They are super versatile and can be used in mostly all exercise moves and workout types such as Strength Training, Resistance Training, HIIT, Crossfit, Circuit Training and more.  A full set means that when you start strength workouts you can begin with lower kettlebells and scale up to the heavier cast iron weights.

Work Multiple Muscle Groups with a Cast Iron Kettlebell

There are various kettlebell exercises you can perform which use a variety of muscle groups helping you to build resistance, strength and power. The bell shape and ergonomic handle means you have different options on how you hold the kettlebell and how you execute moves to distribute the weight.   Cast Iron Kettlebells improve coordination and allow you to build up technique.  Let's look at just some of the different kettlebell exercises you can incorporate into your routine and the muscle groups targeted.

Kettlebell Exercises

Goblet Squats and Split Squats
Kettlebell Swing
Weighted Sit Ups to Press Ups
Tricep Extensions
Bent-Over Row
Romanian Deadlift

Muscle Groups in Kettlebell Exercises

Abductor Magnus
Creator Spinae


Cast Iron Kettlebells are Comfortable to Use

Cast Iron Kettlebells are renowned for their high precision hold and comfortable grip making them the ideal fitness accessory for everyday workouts as well as professional training at competition standards.  Easily selected by the colour code system and simple to carry around, our solid Cast Iron Kettlebells sets are the perfect solution for home gyms, PT Studios and commercial fitness spaces.  With ergonomic handles and crafted to a fine, cast iron finish, our Cast Iron Kettlebells ensure comfort and efficient use with every workout.

Cast Iron Kettlebells have Maximum Durability

When you invest in any equipment piece you want to make sure it is going to last. Our Cast Iron Kettlebells are made with a fine-pored solid cast iron construction and highly protective with a powder coated finish for smooth, texturised grip and to endure high impact, repeated movements and heavy use.  The weather-proof cast iron will not prematurely discolour, peel or crack under consistent, heavy use.  This means they are the perfect gym equipment accessory for Bootcamps, Outdoor Gyms and Garage spaces.  Cast Iron Kettlebell gone a long way in terms of equipment investment and offer huge value for their cost.

Cast Iron Kettlebells are Easy to Store

Our Cast Iron Kettlebells have a flat, level base and consistency with each set.  This means no rolling or awkward angles when storing away when not in use.  We also provide full storage solutions for all our equipment ranges including shelving, kettlebell racks, wall mounted storage and power racks with modular storage add ons.

Cast Iron Kettlebells Look Amazing

Not only do our Cast Iron Kettlebells deliver optimal endurance and versatility, they look amazing.  The sleek and sophisticated black Cast Iron Kettlebells with small colour coded window blend well with all gym landscapes and decor.

History of Cast Iron Kettlebells

Russian hand weights, better known as Kettlebells have been around since the 1700's.  Since the 16th century, Cast Iron Kettlebells have been used by military troops, professional athletes and the fitness industry for strength and conditioning, originally popularised by Russian soliders.  Competitive Cast Iron Kettlebell events began in the 1980's and the sport has now become a well recognised discipline across the world.  Whether your focus is on functional fitness or strength, Cast Iron Kettlebells are a powerful piece of fitness kit that benefits both beginners and seasoned pros. 

Kettlebell Technique

If you are keen to purchase Cast Iron Kettlebells, here are some of the key Kettlemove moves for mastering your Kettlebell technique and style.  There are many variations and combinations of these.

Kettlebell Clean

Lift the Kettlebell from the floor to the Kettlebell rack position on the chest in one clean movement.

Kettlebell Clean & Jerk

Lift the Kettlebell from the floor to the Kettlebell rack position then jerk the Kettlebell overhead in 1 full movement.

Kettlebell Clean & Press

Lift the Kettlebell from the floor to the Kettlebell rack position then press the Kettlebell overhead in 1 full movement.

Kettlebell Swing

Move the Kettlebell in a pendulum position between your knees to chest height, swinging the Kettlebell and driving your hips backwards then snapping hips forward in an explosive movement to move the weight.

What about other Strength Tools?

Cast Iron Kettlebells are efficient and highly productive tools.  Cast iron weights deliver exactly what you need for effective workouts whether you are beginning or fine-tuning your training.  As well as Kettlebells, there are other powerful Weight products available to consider for purchase.


Aside from Cast Iron Kettlebells, one of the most common Strength Training tools is the faithful dumbbell set.  Inexpensive, highly effective and easy to maintain and store, dumbbells should be at the top of your fitness equipment checklist.  Like Kettlebell exercises, there are literally hundreds of dumbbell exercises available giving you so much choice and versatility for workout content.  This helps to keep things fresh and interesting which in turns builds consistency.  Browse our popular range for full details.

Weight Plates

Weight plates are fantastic tools to have in a home gym setup and are essential for any commercial fitness centre.  They can be used both as hand held strength exercise tools for HIIT and Crossfit as well as on a barbell (although not all weight plates will be designed to fit on a barbell).  Super multi-functional like our Cast Iron Kettlebells, Weight Plates are definitely a worthy piece of kit to have in your toolbox.

Medicine Balls

There are tons of ways to use a Medicine Ball in Strength workouts.  Similar to a Kettlebell, you only need one for your workout to be effective.  These fun-filled weights are shaped like a ball and are designed for lifting and slamming, throwing and laying over your body as you perform other killer moves, intensifying your workout and taking it to the next level.  Suitable for beginners and available in different weights, like Kettlebells, every Strength & Conditioning enthusiast should have one.

Barbell & Bumper Plates 

If you are serious about Strength Training then investing in a good quality  Barbell and Bumper Plates is essential.  There are various types of barbell to suit different workout types and moves, assist with lifting or for different levels.  Similarly, Bumper plates are available in different weight levels as does Weight Plates, Dumbbells and Cast Iron Kettlebell ranges.  Available to purchase under Barbells & Weight Plates.


Weighted Add Ons

Weighted add ons such as Weighted vests can be a powerful addition to any exercise.  Walking, running, plyometrics, squats and lunges are all ten times more difficult with a weight vest or arm and leg weights but just imagine the results!  If you like the workouts you are doing but want to take it up a notch a weighted add on is the way to go.  It adds resistance to lower intensity workouts or maximises strength sessions when carrying out Kettlebell lifts, dumbbell reps and barbell training.

Why Strength & Conditioning is a Must

Cast Iron Kettlebells are just one of the many tools used in Strength Training but why is so important and what makes it so popular?  Simply put, strength training is what brings about change.  If you really want to make noticeable changes to your fitness, then Strength and Resistance Training methods are a must.  Simply doing some cardio every other day may help to keep a few pounds off but is that really enough for all the sweating and effort you put in?  Strength & Conditioning training is what helps you transform.  It increases your heart rate, boosts your metabolism and works in harmony with other workout styles such as cardio, toning, pilates and other sports by making them more effective.  Here's how.

It Builds Lean Muscle

When you begin to build muscle your body becomes more adept at burning calories.  You start to move faster and more powerfully and the activities you perform become more advantageous.  You need to intensify your workouts and weights when they become to easy for example increasing your Kettlebell weight or the amount of reps you do.  This allows you continue building muscle tissue and increasing your bodies ability to burn fat.

You can burn calories even on rest days

Basically, this is the 'afterburn' or EPOC effect, when your body continues to burn calories after lifting weights or high intensity exercise in order for your oxygen levels to return to normal.  Get that Kettlebell Swing on!

Helps to tone and define your body

Toning and building lean muscle are more or less the same thing.  In order to define your muscles you need to carry out a certain level of strength and resistance training and change up the muscle groups.  This also improves overall body definition. Kettlebell training can bring about transformative change with fast results whereas a less intense regime with do this over a period of time.

Retains Muscle Mass

Over time and as we age, we naturally lose muscle mass.  This is why building strength using different methods such as dumbbell workouts, kettlebells training, barbell lifting and more is so essential to preserve and develop the muscles you have.  

Improves Confidence and Mental Health

All exercise boosts your wellbeing and self-esteem but weight training  and strength workouts also help you feel empowered and stronger, building self-confidence and body positivity.  More and more of us are building a home gym or garage workout space in order to build fitness into our daily lives.  Whether you invest in Cast Iron Kettlebells or Dumbbell sets, you also invest in your own health and well-being.

Increases Bone Strength

Training with weights whether they be Cast Iron Kettlebells, Hex Dumbbells or Barbells, all strengthens your bones which naturally become more fragile as we age.  


Have questions?  No problem. Feel free to get in touch, if you want to discuss our Cast Iron Kettlebell range in more detail, have any queries on stock availability, your first order or need some advice.

We offer a no hassle, 100% returns and full refund policy.

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