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Concept2 Machines


Top Rated Cardio Machines from Concept2

You may have heard of Concept2, the high profile gym equipment company who created the prolific Concept2 Rowing Machine, endorsed by Olympians and used by many, both professional and beginner.   As well as being one of the leading suppliers of world class rowing products, they also offer select gym equipment ranges used within both the commercial industry and home fitness market.

We are proud to be suppliers of all Concept 2 fitness solutions including the acclaimed RowERG and their more recent gym equipment the BikeERG and SkiERG, a series of sophisticated Cardio machines.

Concept2 RowERG

The RowERG from Concept2 is a dynamic air resistance rower with a sleek, space-saving design with advanced features specifically designed for optimising performance, a silent magnetic flywheel which can be adjusted to your stroke preference, adjustable footrests, and an ergonomic handle.  A PM5 performance monitor showscomparable data (Pace, Watts, Stroke Rate, Calories) which is held in an online logbook record so you can store all your stats in one place.  The Concept2 indoor rowing machine includes a device console which holds any type of device and using Bluetooth, connects to over 30 apps including their own popular ErgData app.  Discover hundreds of training programmes, online classes and coaching as well as virtual reality racing and monthly challenges with Concept2 machines that allow you to set goals and break boundaries.

Main Benefits of the Concept 2 RowERG

If you decide to invest in a Concept2 machine, there are a ton of fitness benefits and plus points:

Full Body Workouts

Rowing machines like Concept2 are renowned for their ability to deliver fierce and effective workouts.  They target multiple muscle groups in one sitting and have a high fat burn rate.  Get fit and stay fit with regular Concept2 rowing sessions that nail total body workouts.

Simple Assembly & Storage

Indoor Rowing Machines from Concept2 come in 2 parts and transport wheels for easy assembly, handling and storage.  For quick and efficient workouts, the slimline rower is easily moved around from room to room and stored away when not in use.  Concept2 machines are specifically designed for easy and productive workouts that remove all the 'faffing around' while you set up.  It lets you get into your workout straight away and focus on your performance.

High Durability

Made from high grade steel and aluminium with a powder coated finish, the RowERG Concept2 machine is made from robust and durable materials designed to withstand intense and repetitive use.  All Concept2 machines are constructed from sturdy, high quality materials designed to withstand both commercial and personal use.

Connected Apps

In terms of motivation, connected apps such as Concept2 ErgData are valuable tools to keep you engaged and consistent with your fitness goals whether you want to improve your confidence, lose weight or optimise your performance.  The enhanced software monitors connecting to fresh, rich content on a regular basis can take your cycling or rowing journey to new heights where you always come back for more.  Perhaps even more importantly is the social interaction and support from your fellow fitness folks within the online community who help to keep you focused and accountable.  Concept2 machines are a great stepping stone to breaking away from your comfort zone or trying new activities.

Concept 2 BikeERG

Cycling is a primary sport in the UK which a number of us enjoy, whether it be for leisure or fitness.  Concept2 BikeERG keeps the fun and excitement in cycling by its smooth motion, seamless operation and access to a number of online classes and ride modes to keep you motivated.  The Concept2 Bikerg is a powder coated steel air resistance bike with adjustable saddle and handlebars and uses the same clever PM5 performance monitor as the RowERG design, recording all your workout stats and storing them on the online logbook for easy management.  The Concept2 machines' adaptable device holder is suitable for any size of device, connects to all your valuable apps, online classes and workouts.  

Main Benefits of the Concept 2 BikeERG

Concept2 machines for Cardio such as BikeERG have many beneficial features for a Home Gym or commercial gym space.

Adjustable Features 

The adjustable features ensure a comfortable and safe ride while the magnetic flywheel with damper allows you to adapt your Concept2 bike to your own style of cycling, similar to the gears of a bicycle.

Easy Mobility and Storage

The Concept2 BikeERG is a lightweight exercise bike which comes with easy-roll wheels meaning you can transport your BikeERG workout from one space to another without heavy lifting.  It uses very little space and easy to set up and store away after use.

Silent Magnetic Flywheel

The good news about Concept2 BikeERG workouts are that they don't create noise.  The silent magnetic flywheel allows for a quiet, fluid ride whether you want to unwind and reboot after the working day or sweating it out in a quick morning cycle session.

Concept 2 SkiERG

Another popular Concept2 machine that is worth considering, is the cross country skiing simulator, aptly named SkiERG.  This effective Cardio solution is designed to target the lower body and core while remaining low impact.  With all the fantastic features of the Concept2 RowERG and Concept2 BikeERG including a PM5 monitor to log your stats and access to connected workouts and online classes, this slick piece of kit is suitable for rehabilitation, beginner fitness and professional athletes alike.

Why Invest in a Concept2 Machine?

Concept2 as a fitness equipment brand have the powerful combination of technical knowledge with personal experience.  Their first ever Concept2 machine was designed by an Olympian rower who wanted to create an indoor rowing machine that simulated the motion and seamless glide of authentic outdoor rowing in water.  With engineering expertise and his personal passion for Rowing, he managed to design the Concept2 machine we all know now as the RowERG.

Concept2 have put many years of effort, money and research into their quest to patent a series of refined, and ultra efficient fitness machines that provide simple, smooth functionality while optimising the sporting experience of the user.  Concept2 know that using robust and top quality materials for ultimate durability as well as smart technical  detailing that reflects the cycling or rowing experience is vital for an effective fitness machine.  Before there was virtual reality and online classes there was honest, skilled craftmanship and considered design.  These days, it is hard to come by and Concept 2 have managed to deliver both incorporating a user-friendly online logbook record and fantastic app.  Not only have Concept2 mastered fitness machine construction, they also design and supply a selection of Blades and Oars for competition standard rowing.  Their trademark 'Skinny Shaft' and 'Comp Blade' are just a couple of examples of their popular collection, championed by athletes and sporting enthusiasts alike.

With a wide and diverse range of fitness activities and coaching available, Concept2 effortlessly combine Cardio, Strength, Functional Fitness and Conditioning with their selection of equipment and connected apps.  This means you have access to all the workout types you need when you invest in Concept2 machines like the RoweERG or Concept2 BikeERG model.

Investing in a Concept2 machine will allow you to master your sport whether you are a rower or avid cyclist.  If you are none of these things but are looking for a well tuned and highly efficient fitness machine which will help you to get fit, stay in shape and will last a lifetime, then a Concept2 machine is the route to go.

Key Benefits of Concept2 Machines

- Experience - Concept2 Machines are advanced and efficient fitness solutions designed with sporting technique in mind

- Quality and Durability - Made with top quality materials, Concept2 Machines are durable and made to last

- Simple Mobility - Concept2 machines are slimline and easy to move around with rollers or wheels

- Connected Apps - With ErgData and over 30 other apps, Concept2 machines have a huge range of workouts and fitness content to choose from

- Versatility - Concept2 machines offer versatility and flexibility with multi purpose uses

- Easy Maintenance - Concept2 machines are simple to clean and easy to maintain.  Concept2 also provide spart parts if any part of your machine is damaged or broken


 Want to know more about our range of Concept2 machines?  No worries.  Feel free to contact our Team for a chat.

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