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Plyo Boxes

Plyometric Soft Box - Stackable
SAVE £20.00
SAVE £20.00
Plyometric Soft Box - Stackable
£479.00 £499.00
3-in-1 foam plyobox
SAVE £59.00
SAVE £59.00
3-in-1 foam plyobox
£210.00 £269.00
Soft Plyo Boxes
SAVE £90.00
SAVE £90.00
Soft Plyo Boxes
£179.00 £269.00
Wooden Plyo box
Wooden Plyo box

Plyo Boxes for Ultimate Speed, Strength & Power

When it comes to gaining speed, strength and optimising your functional fitness there are many ways that an athlete or a regular gym goer can achieve this. One of the most underrated ways an athlete can gain these skills is through using Plyo Boxes.

Why get a Plyo Box?

There are many reasons for investing in a Plyo Box for either a Home Workout space or commercial gym facility.  Whether you decide on a wooden Plyo box or go for a soft Plyometric box option, both jump training solutions have many benefits.  Plyometric training can be performed on various types of jump box in different heights, sizes, weight options and materials.  Users tend to invest in a Plyo box as opposed to a storage box or alternative because they are designed to tolerate repetitive impact, a heavy weight capacity and have anti slip properties to prevent accidents and injury. 

Plyometric Boxes are Inexpensive

Plyo Boxes are cost-effective and offer a functional workout without spending alot of money.  They are not expensive and you only need one for it to deliver effective workouts.  Unlike traditional weights or bars, the Plyometric Box forces you to use your own body as resistance.  The Plyo Box is almost like a pedestal for you to display your own power. You can carry out a number of plyometric movements and jump training to develop your full body strength; improve balance and build lean muscle without costly equipment.

Plyo Boxes are Super Versatile with Full Body Workouts

The Plyo Box has many different uses and is super versatile. It is mainly used for Jump Training, a form of plyometric movement although you can perform squats, step ups, burpee raises, dips and push ups to name just a few.  The great things about Plyometric exercise is it tackles multiple muscles groups at the same time providing a full body workout.

A Plyometric Box is Mobile & Easy to Use

The best Plyometric jump boxes are easy to assemble and move around.  They come in both wooden form and soft foam boxes which are simple to handle and use in multiple places.  They are easy to transfer to your car for travel, exellent for Bootcamp sessions where you may move around out of doors and can be adjusted to fit in smaller spaces for easy storage.

A Plyo Box is Durable 

A robust wooden Plyo box or soft Plyometric boxes with a dense foam core are designed with sturdy and durable materials designed to last and withstand multiple weights as well as outdoor weather conditions.  

Plyometric Training Exercises

Here are some key Plyometric exercises to get you started.  Some exercises suggested below are advanced, and you should always use caution when performing any activity.

Plyo Box Front Step

This exercise is perfect for any warm-up or cool-down. This is also a great way to single an individual leg in the case of an injury or just for imbalanced muscles.

Instructions: Simply lift your leg and place it on top of the box. Then raise your whole body until your hips and legs are locked out, and then lower yourself back down. Do each side 3 sets of 10 reps for a great warm-up and to build your plyo rep fitness.

Plyometric Decline Pushup

The pushup is a great exercise to build core strength and a strong chest. When you’re doing declined push-ups, you’re emphasising your shoulders and triceps while still engaging the core.

Instructions: Place your feet on top of the Plyo box and extend your torso while supporting yourself with your arms. Next, perform a standard pushup with your legs elevated.

Plyo Box Jumps

The final exercise is one of the best exercises to develop real power. 

Instructions: Face the box with head over torso and arms raised overhead. Then descend into about a quarter squat while swinging your arms behind you torso. Explode into a full-force jump, landing on the box. When you land, you want to land in a semi-crouched position to minimise the impact on the joints.

For overall quality workouts, a Plyo box is a great addition to your Home Fitness programme or PT Studio.  If you have any questions about our Plyometric box range, feel free to get in touch.

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