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Echelon Row
SAVE £199.00
SAVE £199.00
Echelon Row
£750.00 £949.00
Echelon Row-7s Commercial Rowing Machine
Echelon Row-7s Commercial Rowing Machine

Why Opt for a Rowing Machine?

Whether you are looking for a home fitness solution for cardiovascular fitness and weight loss or fitness equipment for competitive training sessions, our collection of indoor rowing machines are a game changer for those who are just beginning their fitness journey to those who are looking for a rowing solution that will take their fitness experience to the next level.

From standard air rowers to more advanced models that truly immerse you in the rowing experience, we have a rowing solution to suit all levels from novices to seasoned pros. Let's explore our full range of rowing machines in more detail so you can better decide what is the best indoor rower for you.

Air Rowing Machines

Our range of air rowers are simple but effective. Using air resistance with a smooth, quiet motion, an ergonomic padded seat and LCD screen display showing your workout data such as Calories Burned, Time, Speed and Distance, this is the best rowing machine type for quick and efficient workouts. The Rower machine is simple to transport with base rollers for easy movement and the slim model means it is space-effective and will fit in any Home or professional gym space.  Completely user-friendly, this type of rowing machine is the perfect fit for those of have just embarked on their rowing journey or as a budget-friendly option.

Echelon Row Connected Workouts

Echelon Row is a sleek and dynamic rowing machine model with transport wheels, 32 resistance levels, handlebar resistance controls, deluxe seat and a generous, rotating console for your tablet, laptop or phone as well as access to connected workouts with the Echelon Fit app.

Monthly Subscription

With a monthly subscription to Echelon you receive a 1 year warranty, a FREE monthly heart rate monitor, access for up to 4 additional users and full access to the Echelon Fit App. You are able to integrate all of your fitness apps and body stats in one central system for effective management, performance monitoring and goal planning.  Get 45 days FREE if you purchase Echelon Row rowing machine through SuperStrong.

Echelon Fit App

The Echelon Fit App opens the door to hundreds of Rowing workouts as well as other on demand classes with professional instructors, scenic rides, a virtual leaderboard and other exciting classes you may have never tried such as Boxing, Pilates, Strength Training and More. Echelon Row can place you in the rapids of South East Asia or challenge you to compete against other rowing enthusiasts, it allows you to work at your own pace and suits all levels of user from beginners to more advanced athletes.  Likewise, it has a huge online fitness community who support and share your fitness goals keeping you motivated and engaged.

Concept2 Connected Workouts Rower

The Concept2 rowing machine is in a class of its own and is the epitome of professional rowing. Designed by rowers, used by Olympians, the innovative rowing machine model is one of the best rowing machines out there. Constructed for intense use, the durable RowERG rowing machine is made to last many years, even with daily, heavy use.  The silent flywheel ensures a smooth ride while the spiral damper can be adjusted to a stroke that suits your personal style.  The high end rowing machine has adjustable heights, ergonomic features such as handlebars and seat and can be connected via Bluetooth to the Concept2 RowERG app as well as other apps offering on demand classes and workouts.

Rowing Machines for Commercial Gyms

A common and popular piece of fitness equipment, rowing machines are widely used in commercial gyms and sports facilities. The most important aspect of any commercial grade gym equipment is durability and safety. Our Echelon Row Row-7s is a slick but robust rower which runs on silent magnetic resistance up to 32 levels with toggle thumb controls.  The built in safety features and extra hardwearing materials means it will withstand consistent use and meet safety standards for a commercial gym.  It has a 'heart track system' and a rotating 22 inch screen for users to flip around and perform other workouts available from the huge choice of on demand classes on the Echelon App.  The user also has options for scenic ride mode and a global leaderboard.

Best Rowing Machine for Competitive Rowing

Take your training sessions to the next level with Concept2. This professsional standard rowing machine helps you to optimise your rowing form, master your performance and train with other competitive athletes.  It includes all performance stats on a PM5 console  including time, speed, distance, pace, stroke rate, calories burned, force curve, watts as well as a heart rate monitor.  It also connects to all major apps, a thriving rowing community and monthly challenges.  Similarly, Echelon Row is another excellent rowing machine for competitive training.  It ticks all the boxes in terms of workout data, integration with other apps as well as access to the signature Echelon app for an abundance of workout content, community engagement and classes.

What about Indoor Rowing Technique?

Mastering a good technique is important with indoor rowing workouts.  If you want to maximise results and avoid injury, a good row form will go a long way.  This will save you time and effort, as with a good rowing technique, you will increase your speed and precision on the rower.  Both Concept2 and Echelon offer fantastic coaching with qualified instructors to help you master your row form and get the best out of your rowing workouts.  Similarly, there is a number of Indoor Rowing and Outdoor Rowing Clubs who offer tips and advice (either online or at their venues) on improving your rowing technique and optimising your rowing performance.

Indoor Rower - The Main Benefits

There are tons of benefits from investing in a rowing machine:

Rowing Machines delivers Full Body Workouts

For total body workouts, an air rower is the way to go. Replicate rowing action works all muscle groups and targets your core, quadriceps, glutes, calves, pecs, arms and obliques.

Rowing Machine V Treadmill

In a gym environment, often a Treadmill or other trainer is selected over a Rowing Machine, however a Rower actually delivers a full body workout as opposed to just the lower muscles when you run on the treadmill.  In that sense, a rowing machine a much more efficient workout in terms of time and end results.

Improves Heart & Lung Health

The cardiovascular benefits of a rowing machine workout are huge.  Not only do you burn fat with a brisk rowing session, you also strength your heart muscles and lung function.

Indoor Rowing is a Low Impact Exercise

Although the rowing action is vigorous and you can achieve powerful workouts, air rowing with an indoor rowing machine is a low impact exercise.  Rowing machines do not tax your joints, involve jumping or stressful muscle movements meaning you can build quality rowing workouts into your training sessions without the risk of injury.  A indoor rower is also a suitable workout option for blind people or those with weaker eyesight due to the simplicity of movements and the rower's easy operation.

A Rowing Machine is simple to Assemble, Store and Transport

Unlike other gym equipment, a modern air rowing machine does not take up alot of space meaning you can carry out indoor rowing in any room of the house without getting in anyones way.  With transport wheels, space saving profile and foldable design (some products only), gone are the days of lugging around a clunky piece of kit from room to room to perform row workouts as part of your fitness routine.  Our Rowing machines are also designed with silent functionality meaning you won't disturb neighbours or other family members during an intense rowing session.

Rowing Machines can be Multi Purpose

Not many of us think to use a Rowing Machine to support other workout types but they can be an excellent tool for performing powerful toning and sculpting exercises when you are not in Rowing mode and want to switch it up.  Here are 3 other killer exercises you can do with your rowing machine.

Lateral Lunges

Stand at the back of the rowing machine and with one foot on the floor, extend the opposite leg out to the side and place it on the rowing machine seat.  Reach as far as you can with your foot on the rower seat while keeping your other foot on the floor then sit back as low as you can go.

Side Jump & Burpee

Stand to the right of the rower and laterally jump over the base of the rowing machine and drop into a burpee.  Repeat the same process on the left side

Elevated Dips/Push Ups

Use the base of the rowing machine to support your body.  So a round of 10 elevated dips and a round 10 elevated push ups.

Rowing can relieve Stress 

The silent and repetitive operation of a rowing machine can be meditative, increasing the mind-body connection and relieving stress and tension. 

Immersive Rowing Experience

One of the great benefits of a indoor rower with connected workout access is the experience.  With all sensory enhancements to make your experience completely immersive, Echelon Row for example, allows you to fully engage with your surroundings, interact with a supportive community and most importantly brings fun into your workouts.

Other Smart Cardio Gym Equipment

If you are serious about commiting to your fitness goals and struggle with inconsistency and motivation, then why not try our bestselling Echelon Connect Bike or Echelon Stride Running machine?  Similar to the Echelon Row indoor rower, these state of the art Cardio machines give access to on demand classes, top coaching from trained professionals, scenic rides, a competition leaderboard plus syncs all your workout data and apps into one system for easy management.

Want to know more?  Feel free to contact one of our team to discuss futher.

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