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The Echelon Stride is a new, smart treadmill that is perfect for anyone who wants to get a powerful workout in without having to leave the house. This echelon treadmill has all of the features you need to have a great workout, including a built-in heart rate monitor, a wide range of speed settings, access to the popular Echelon App which offers on-demand classes, a leaderboard and scenic runs all in one robust and innovative design. 

In this article we give you the low-down on everything you need to know about the Echelon Stride including:

  1. Why a Treadmill Workout?

  2. Introducing the Echelon Stride

  3. The Features of the Echelon Stride

  4. The Benefits of using the Echelon Stride

  5. Who Should I Use the Echelon Stride

Why a Treadmill Workout?

Treadmill workouts are a great way to increase your heart rate, burn calories and bust fat. But why should you choose a treadmill workout over other forms of exercise? Here are four reasons to consider:

1. Treadmills offer a low-impact workout

If you have joint pain or other issues that make high-impact workouts difficult, a treadmill can give you a great workout without putting too much strain on your body.

2. Treadmills are easy to use

Treadmills are very user-friendly, so you can focus on your workout instead of worrying about how to use the machine.  They are easy to operate and adjust even for absolute beginners.

3. Treadmills can be customised to your fitness level

You can adjust the speed and incline of your treadmill workout to make it as easy or as challenging as you want. This allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you get in better shape.

4. Treadmill workouts are convenient

You don't need to go to the gym or outside to walk or run on a treadmill - you can do it right in your own home. This is great if you have a busy schedule or bad weather to contend with. If you're looking for a great way to get in shape, a treadmill workout is a great option to consider.

Introducing the Echelon Treadmill

Modern technology meets intelligent design with the Echelon Stride. The Echelon Stride is a new, sleek treadmill that has all of the latest features to make working out more convenient than ever before. 


With a built-in tablet holder and access to a whole hub of features including on-demand classes and interactive rides, the Echelon Stride is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, elevate their current regime or try something different.  Perhaps the most attractive quality of this dynamic equipment piece is that it is simple to set-up, fold away when not in use and is accessible without having to arrange a gym session amid a busy lifestyle.

The Echelon Stride has a sleek, modern design that is lightweight and mobile to move around. The treadmill is compact and has a patented auto-fold feature that makes it easy to store away when not in use. The Echelon Stride is also equipped with a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.


One of the best features of the Echelon Stride is the on-demand studio fitness classes that are available through the Echelon Fit app. There are over 500 classes available, so you can always find one that fits your fitness level and goals. The app also allows you to track your progress and see how you're improving over time.  Echelon Stride allows users to explore and experiment with running as well as other workout types available on the Echelon App.  It offers scenic runs through mountains and seascapes with the ability to simulate real, outdoor running or walking.  This helps users to feel motivated and engaged with their fitness programme and stay consistent with their goals.

The Features of the Echelon Stride

Treadmill workouts are a great way to get your heart pumping and break a sweat, but they can also be pretty boring. That's where the Echelon Stride comes in. The Echelon Stride is a smart treadmill that offers a variety of interactive workout programs to keep you motivated, let's take a look at some of the best features:

  • Interactive Workout Programs: The Echelon Stride offers a variety of interactive workout programs that certified world-class instructors lead. You can choose from a number of different stride bootcamp classes, HIIT workouts, and even distance-based challenges.

  • Convenient Controls: The Echelon Stride has convenient controls that let you adjust your workout's speed, incline, and intensity with just a few taps.

  • Compact Design: With the auto fold technology and compact design, the Echelon Stride can be easily stored away when not in use. It's the ultimate space saver for small homes or gyms.

  • Impact Absorbing Running Deck: The Echelon Stride's running deck is designed to absorb impact and reduce joint stress, making your workouts more comfortable.

  • Metal Safety Bar: The Echelon Stride has a metal safety bar that can be lowered or raised to your desired height. This is a great feature if you're looking for extra stability during your workouts.

  • 12 Level and 10 Percent Incline Range: The Echelon Stride has a 12 level and 10 percent incline range, so you can customise your workouts to be as challenging as you want.


The Benefits of Using the Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill

The Echelon Stride is a great treadmill for anyone who wants to start their fitness journey from home due to other life commitments.  It also works amazingly well for those who are looking for something that will take their workouts to a new level or athletes who want to maintain their training.  Here are some of the benefits of using the Echelon Stride:

1. Space-Saving Design

With a stride auto fold connected treadmill, you can easily fold it up and wheel it away when you're done working out. This makes it perfect for small homes or apartments where space is at a premium. Whether you are wanting to save space in your home or don't have the room for a full-size treadmill, the Echelon Stride is a great option.


2. Easy to Use

The Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill is easy to use, with a simple control panel that makes it easy to adjust speed and incline. The smart treadmill model is user-friendly with a number of online tutorials on how to get the best out of your set-up and app features.

3. Access to World-Class Instructors

With the Echelon app, you have access to a variety of live and on-demand workout classes led by certified world-class instructors. These instructors will motivate and challenge you to reach your fitness goals. With echelon classes, you'll never get bored with your workout routine.

4. Goal-Oriented Workouts

The Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill offers a variety of goal-oriented workouts to keep you motivated. With distance-based challenges and HIIT workouts, you can push yourself to reach new fitness levels.


5. Affordable

The Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill is an affordable option for those looking for a quality treadmill. With a variety of features and a space-saving design, the Echelon Stride is great value for cost compared to similar products on the market.

Who Should Use the Echelon Stride

The Echelon Stride is perfect for runners looking to improve their performance and run faster. It is also great for those who want to get a better workout without putting too much stress on their joints.

Additionally, the stride can be used by people of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes. Whether you are training for a marathon or just trying to get in better shape, the Echelon Stride can help you reach your goals.


Echelon provides a supportive community for runners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. It is a great motivational piece of kit that provides a fitness experience as opposed to dull or stale cardio equipment that ends up rusting in the garage.

The Echelon Stride is perfect for:

  • Runners looking to optimise their performance

  • Those who want to get a better workout without putting too much stress on their joints

  • People of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes

  • Busy people who want to get a great workout in a short amount of time

  • Those who need motivation and support to be consistent with their fitness routine



The Echelon Stride is a great choice for anyone looking for a smart, convenient treadmill. It offers a variety of workout programs and options to choose from, making it a perfect fit for any fitness level. Additionally, the Echelon app makes it easy to track your progress and see your results over time. 

It is easy to see why Echelon Stride is becoming increasingly popular in today’s busy world where fitness needs to be a part of everyday life to remain constant.  If you are looking for a motivational workout experience combined with convenience and ease of use then Echelon Stride is definitely the way to go.

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