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The Best Gym Equipment for Commercial Gym

By Michael Geraghty July 24, 2021 0 comments

There is a massive selection of gym equipment available on the market for commercial gyms; it can be challenging to know where to look. It’s essential that you provide your members with everything they need to work out and see results. Whatever type of gym you have, you will likely need a few essential pieces of equipment to get you started. By choosing functional pieces of equipment, you can increase your training versatility. Keep reading to find out the eight best gym equipment for commercial gym facilities.  

In this article: 

  • How to Choose Equipment for Your Commercial Gym 
  • 8 Best Gym Equipment for Commercial Gym Facilities 

How to Choose Equipment for Your Commercial Gym 

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Whether you’re opening a new gym or looking to upgrade your existing equipment, you need high-quality equipment to support your members. Depending on the type of gym you have, your equipment needs may differ. Consider the type of equipment mix you need to maximise the space you have and create an effective training area. 

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When choosing your commercial gym equipment, you need to think about the maintenance going forward. All gym equipment needs to be properly maintained and safe for users at all times. Before you splash out on your entire wishlist, make sure you get the essentials sorted first. To get started, create a gym layout floor plan for all your equipment to double-check that you have the square footage to fit everything in. 

Although it’s tempting to buy inexpensive pieces of equipment, try to avoid low-quality items. In the long-run, you will end up paying more to replace cheap and poorly-made equipment. Equipment at the gym will be used regularly by hundreds of people everyday so it needs to be high quality. Purchasing good quality equipment will save you money and energy over time. 

8 Best Gym Equipment for Commercial Gym Facilities 



Setting up a gym requires a ton of planning and work. The best equipment for you depends on your space, type of gym, and budget. You will need to consider ongoing maintenance and how you plan on keeping all equipment ticking over at optimum levels. Here are eight best gym equipment for gyms to consider. 

1. Workout Bench

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A workout or training bench is a platform where you can perform different types of exercises. By adding a bench to your facility, members can perform a wider variety of workouts. In particular, you can perform upper body exercises to increase strength and muscle mass. The Proud Flat Utility Bench is a simple yet effective choice made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel. 

2. Dumbbell Set

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The benefit of dumbbells is that they activate multiple muscle groups. They increase training versatility and allow members to perform different types of exercises at various fitness abilities. You can use dumbbells for isolated parts of the body as well as full-body movements. The Hex Dumbbell Set features 12 pair increments of 2.5kg. With rubberised six-point load and ergonomic grip, these are suitable for a range of abilities and users. 

3. Barbell 

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If you want to do serious weightlifting, you need some barbells. Barbell exercises tend to work multiple areas of the body and improve athletic performance. You can also use just a barbell to work out as it forms an excellent base for any resistance training. Build up your barbells with weight plates to cater to your gym audience. The Proud Olympic Powerlifting Barbell is a great place to start as it’s designed specifically for powerlifting. 

4. Kettlebells

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Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment at a gym. You can perform full-body resistance workouts that challenge all muscle groups. It’s a good idea to have a variety of weights to cater for various strengths and abilities. The Cast Iron Kettlebells are available in 4kg, 8kg,12kg,16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg and 32kg. The rubber coating is durable, waterproof, and offers high-impact support for all activities.  

5. Cardio Fitness Machines



Fitness equipment like a treadmill, stationary bicycle, and rowing machine are solid investments. Depending on your budget and the space available, you may be able to purchase several cardio fitness machines. If you can afford it, buy robust commercial gym-standard equipment and check the machines with virtual tracks, if your budget stretches that far.  

6. Fitness Mats

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Think about fitness mats and gym flooring the same way you would any other gym equipment. Your fitness mats need to support members and provide plenty of shock absorption and traction to reduce the risk of slips and falls. 

7. Squat Rack



Consider adding simple storage solutions and a squat rack for users. The Garage Power rack can hold weights up to 500kg and features 25mm peg holes so that you can set the height at the most comfortable level possible. The stand also has wheels at the bottom for easy movement. Think about adding other storage solutions like a wall-mounted bumper storage or plate tree

8. Bumper Weight Plates



Bumper weight plates are ideal for CrossFit, strength, bodybuilding and functional training. These Proud Olympic Bumper Training Plates are made from steel encased in high-density rubber. Because the plates are highly robust, you can drop them on the floor during exercise without worrying about damaging the plates. You can buy bumper plates separately or in a set, depending on your needs. 

When buying gym equipment, the key thing is understanding the space you have available and what your members want. If your target audience consists mainly of bodybuilders, you need to get the right equipment to support members to meet their goals. Always invest in high-quality equipment as it needs to be durable, resilient, and long-lasting. 

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