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Have you ever wondered what a Dip Bar is? 

Never mind, we had to do our research too. When we decided to expand our products and include Power Racks and Squat Racks, who knew there would be so many components involved?

That's when we thought of the list. 

In this blog we cover all of the popular modular attachments widely used for gym rigs as well as the basic terms used.  Think Rack Attachments 101.  Use this handy list as a quick guide for all Power Rack elements and you'll be an expert in no time.

Gym Rack Attachments-  Basics


J Hooks or J cups are J shaped hook attachment for your rack that are for supporting or resting your barbell it whilst performing a squat or bench press etc. All squat racks, power racks and rigs have them and they are sized depending on the box section size of your rack or rig uprights.i.e 75mm x 75mm, 60mm x 60mm or 50mm x 50mm are the most popular sizes.

Squat Rack Upright

The upright(s) refer to the vertical steel beams that make up your squat rack or power rack. They are sized depending on width of their box section, which is shown on the photo above. They have incremental holes for in which to fix your j hooks and other attachments

Connector Bars

Connector bars are essentially the horizontal beam sections which join the squat rack uprights together and give the rack frame stability and also double up as a pull up bar

Popular Rig Attachments

Dip Bars

Dip Bars are a U shaped attachment which are excellent for carrying out compound and upper body exercises such as pull ups, push ups, tricep dips and more.  They are used by gripping the ends of the bars/bar with both hands and using your bodyweight as resistance as you perform various moves.  

Spotter Arms

Sometimes referred to as 'safety arms' these armed attachments are placed onto the Squat Rack or Power Rack at an appropriate to safely catch your loaded barbell in the event of a fail during bench presses, squats etc. 

These 'arms' allow you to perform heavy weight lifting without the need for another person to be present to safeguard you as you lift.  Spotter Arms are a absolute must for safe and efficient weight training especially in Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting.

They come in the form of steel powder coated arms, pins or straps and can be adjusted to different heights or placed in alternative positions on the rack for versatility.


A landmine is a nifty attachment for a power or squat rack which anchors a loaded barbell at one end while you perform rotational strength training moves, allowing you to use force freely in different directions.  For certain moves like lunges and squats, a landmine helps to take the tension off your spine so you can master your form and get the best out of these type of foundational exercises.

Gymnastic Rings


Gym rings are a excellent accessory to add to your Power Rack or Squat Rack. They are a suspension training tool which are fitted onto the top of your rack and can be adjusted to different heights.  Gymnastic rings are versatile and can be incorporated into various workout routines for developing functional strength and upper body muscle groups.

Wall Ball Target

Perfect for HIIT training and explosive workouts, a Wall Ball Target is an adjustable tool for the purpose of performing disciplined Wall Ball or Slam Ball exercises.  The target allows users to work towards slamming the ball upwards to a specific height. It challenges various muscle groups at the same time while delivering a major cardio workout. 

Pull Up Bar

A good Squat Rack or Power Rack should include a Pull Up Bar.  This is a sturdy horizontal bar attachment for performing bodyweight exercises, namely pull ups and comes in various forms and styles.  Some pull up bars are simple rods while others have multi-grip features and ergonomic handles.  It can be used for different workout types which target your upper body, core and legs and offers fantastic versatility.

Leg Curl Extension

The Leg Curl extension is an adjustable mechanism that is attached to either side of your rack to carry out leg extension exercises and targeting these muscle groups.  It works by loading your weights onto the pin attachment at the side.  This adaptable and compact tool adds even more versatility to your rack without taking up alot of space.

Jammer Arms

One of the most versatile rig attachments there is, Jammer Arms are suitable for both fitness beginners and seasoned gym users. Usually constructed from robust, powder coated steel, each lever arm is fixed onto the sides of your rack and can be used without or with loaded plates.  They help users master their form and technique in a controlled and safe manner with superior control and stability.  There are countless exercises you can do using Jammer Arms including deadlifts, benchpresses, bent over rows, shoulder presses and Squats to name just a few.

Storage Rack Attachments

Weight Pegs


As the name suggests, weight pegs are used for storing weight plates and bumper plates that you use regularly.  It lets you store your weights safely and more efficiently without taking up extra space.

Barbell Holder


Versatile weight training can involve different types of barbell.  So, where do you store them when not in use?  Barbell holders are small attachments that can be adjoined to your rig for easy access while keeping your equipment out of the way and free from damage.  You can get a single attachment that holds 1 barbell or larger sizes that will hold multiple barbells.  

Rope Anchors/Shackles

These attachments, available in different styles and sizes are hooked up to the top of your rack for suspension trainers or storing resistance bands and ropes.

Now that we have covered the basics and many of the popular rack attachments used, let's explore the benefits.

Why should I use Gym Rig Attachments?

Why would you not! If you have the opportunity to add extra versatility to your workouts with less cost and space than using multiple exercise equipment, then using modular extensions is a no-brainer.  


Here are just some of the key plus points of using rig add-ons.

Cost Effective

Modular attachments such as pull-up bars and gym rings are less expensive than stand alone equipment.  Plus, you can build up your gym rig over time, adding extensions when you can.  This means you don't have to pay large amounts of money in one sitting.



Rack attachments are compact and take up less room then stand-alone pieces that do the same job.  You can also use storage pegs and holders to safely stack gym equipment on your rack, freeing up floor and wall space.  Likewise storage units can also be adjoined to your power rack to create a fully dedicated workout and equipment area in your home gym.



Squat Rack attachments add an extra layer of versatility to your training regime.  It opens up the opportunity to carry out different exercise types, target various muscle groups and keep your training program fresh.



Rig attachments are not only useful they also protect users from injury and keep things safe.  Add ons such as Spotter Arms and Jammer Arms allow weight trainers to focus on their form and technique while providing additional safety and stability.

Final Thoughts

With such a wide choice of attachments to enhance your training, rack add-ons are excellent accessories for any workout enthusist whether you're new to rig training or a committed athlete.  They maximise your rack's functionality while being flexible and ensuring safety measures are in place while you train.  Similarly, rig attachments will not only save you space and money, they can optimise your workout routine and return greater results. 

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