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Suspension Trainers

Suspension Trainers offer Powerful Workouts 

When it comes to exercising, most people believe you need the latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment to be in shape. That's not true. There is one piece of equipment that is probably the most overlooked.  Suspension trainers are an inexpensive and effective tool for carrying out powerful workouts, enhancing your fitness performance while improving your overall balance, posture and form.  From simple exercises to mastered techniques, suspension training is for everyone whether you want to increase your confidence and general fitness or build muscle, strength and endurance.

What are Suspension Trainers?

With over 50 exercises and various training methods, suspension trainers are one of the best pieces of equipment in your fitness arsenal. They use resistance and bodyweight to help you improve balance, strength, build muscle and develop power.  So precisely what are they, and how can they be used?

How to Use Suspension Trainers?

Using Suspension Trainers is simple and has a practical use. There are several ways to suspend the trainers, such as a door frame or an X-mount Suspension anchor as a more permanent solution. With the door frame anchor, no damage or marking will be left over due to training. Simply hang your Suspension trainers from whatever anchor point you choose and start reaping the benefits.

Suspension Trainers - The Benefits

A Suspension Training kit is versatile, easy to use, and can be used almost anywhere. With numerous health benefits, it's also great for any fitness level and is excellent for any age. This study determined that suspension training improved strength and condition among 30 adults.

With over 50 exercises, it is the perfect equipment to work out different body parts on different days. Here are just a few suspension trainer exercises that you can do to kick-start your Suspension Training and create some workout ideas.

Upper body

  • Incline Push ups
  • Rows
  • Chest Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Dips

Lower Body

  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Squats
  • Hamstring Pulls
  • Wall sits
  • Curtsy Lunge

Core Strength

  • Plank
  • Side plank
  • Body saw
  • Crunches
  • Ab roll out

Suspension trainers' main way of resistance is with body weight and over course gravity. Implementing any/all of these workouts will show a significant boost in overall endurance and body control and will promote muscle gain and fat loss.

Why Should I use Suspension Trainers?

Suspension Trainers get overlooked because of the simplicity of the equipment. The most useful thing about suspension trainers is their practicality, and how you can take them virtually anywhere you want to train. You can take it anywhere, hang it up and start working out. You can hang it from a doorframe anchor, a permanent anchor point, overhead beam or even a tree if you want to train outdoors.  Similarly, you can set it up as a permanent feature in your Home Gym or use them in a dedicated zone at a commercial fitness facility.

A suspension training kit is a high-quality piece of equipment perfect for giving you a full-body workout. So what kind of Suspension trainers are the best, and how do I get the most out of them?  Read further for the easy way to determine the best options available to you.

Best Suspension Trainers

There are a lot of different suspension trainer kits to purchase, but based on your lifestyle and fitness goals, you should consider which one best suits you. Let's explore the options to get started.

TRX Move Suspension Trainer

This quality Suspension Training kit is a good option for anyone ready to build muscle and lose fat. This easy-to-use system comes with a door anchor and a versatile wrap-around anchor point along with comfortable mesh handles and adjustable straps. With this system, you can work out anywhere you desire.

TRX Home2 Suspension Trainer Kit

This Suspension training kit with adjustable straps is perfect for anyone ready to get a challenging workout at home. This all-in-one suspension trainer kit comes with a carry bag and door anchor. Unlike most at-home training systems, this kit comes with a getting-started guide and an exclusive 7-day subscription to TRX’s training club.

TRX Burn System Suspension Trainer

The TRX Burn Suspension Trainer Kit comes with a door and suspension anchors making it the perfect kit to work inside or outside with. This fully adjustable kit comes with 6 downloadable workouts along with a workout poster to make all exercises easy to follow along with.  Burn fat and create explosive, total body workouts with flexibility on where you train.

Fitness Mad Pro Suspension Trainer

Switching from the TRX model, the Fitness Mad Pro kit comes with a Suspension trainer with a tested weight load of over 1000lbs (450kgs). This advanced Suspension training kit comes with a mesh bag to carry your suspension trainer on the go and adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

Avento Fitness Suspension Trainer Set

This Avento Fitness Suspension Trainer set comes with a black and blue nylon strong and durable strap. It has strong reinforced hooks and a door anchor, perfect for indoor workouts. This kit also features loopholes for either arms or feet, adjustable straps and comfortable mesh handles, making it ideal for any type of exercise you choose.

TRX Fitness Suspension Trainer X- Mount Anchor 

While not a Suspension trainer set, this X mount anchor services anyone serious about suspension training and is perfect for taking your suspension training fitness to the next level. This solid steel solution comes with two wooden studs, two steel washers, and bolts, making it the perfect anchor point to hang your Suspension Trainers.

Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, there is a place for anyone ready to take their fitness to the next level with Suspension Trainers. This bodyweight training method is perfect for anyone ready to burn fat, gain muscle and functional strength, or build endurance overall.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions relating to our collection of Suspension Trainers, need some advice, have a price query or want to know more about our amazing deals.

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