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Plyometric Soft Box - Stackable
SAVE £20.00
SAVE £20.00
Plyometric Soft Box - Stackable
£479.00 £499.00
3-in-1 foam plyobox
SAVE £59.00
SAVE £59.00
3-in-1 foam plyobox
£210.00 £269.00
Soft Plyo Boxes
SAVE £90.00
SAVE £90.00
Soft Plyo Boxes
£179.00 £269.00
Weight Vest
Weight Vest
Rebound Ab Exercise Roller Wheel
Rebound Ab Exercise Roller Wheel
Wooden Gym Rings
Wooden Gym Rings
Wooden Plyo box
Wooden Plyo box
Ab Roller
Ab Roller

What Is Bodyweight Fitness?

Bodyweight fitness is a type of training that challenges your own bodyweight for explosive workouts.  Rather than relying on equipment, or free weights to work various muscles, bodyweight exercising uses your body’s own mass as resistance.

Bodyweight resistance training activates the body’s core muscles to stabilise and balance your body mass in a controlled and systematic manner. These exercises help to develop a strong connection between body and mind, increase agility, and coordination and build muscle mass and core strength.

Best of all, because your own bodyweight provides the resistance it is easy to squeeze in a session no matter where you are.

What Sort Of Equipment Is Required?

Bodyweight resistance exercises use your own body positioning and body mass as the weight for your strength training workout. There is no need for expensive weight training kit, free weights, or kettlebells. All you need are a few tools to help you focus your movements to challenge the muscles you wish to target on and optimise your workout. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve balance and form or an experienced strength trainer who wants to create more mass to their existing muscles for competition purposes, resistance focused workouts are super powerful.

Fitness steps offer a sturdy platform to step on and off of to challenge various areas such as abs, legs, glutes and hamstrings.   A door-mounted pull up bar provides a safe in-home upper-body tool for safely performing pull ups, chin-ups, and hanging sit-ups, and suspension trainers straps provide a safe full-body workout. When you are ready to progress, you can simply add a weighted vest or other weighted accessories to take your strength gains to the next level.  Consider gym rings or resistance bands for simple ways to incorporate a resistance focus into your routine.  Super versatile, you can also use this apparatus in different ways such as in HIIT workouts, Interval Training and Strength and Conditioning.

What Equipment can I use for Bodyweight?

SuperStrong Fitness offers a full range of bodyweight and resistance equipment to help you make the most out of your routines no matter where you are, and what level of challenge you require.  The great thing with this type of kit for building muscle is you can progress in measured steps, beginning with low reps, longer rest periods and slowly building up your endurance by adjusting the equipment and workout content to suit.  Things like gym accessories are often overlooked but can be the most effective and productive fitness tools out there.  One piece of kit can go a long way.

Here are some of our favourites:

Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Step

A great tool for beginners,  Urban Fitness Aerobic Step makes use of your own weight to provide a full-body high-intensity cardio workout that helps you burn fat and build strength without stressing your joints with high-impact activity.

The adjustable aerobics step can be set to a height of 12 cm, 17 cm, or 22 cm to achieve the perfect workout challenge for your unique body size and fitness level.  They are simple to move around and store away making them great for portable fitness classes, Bootcamp and home style workout sessions.

For your first workout you might want to try the Centre Hop & Squat.  One rep of this is a challenging start to any session!  As with all new exercises, take at least one day of rest in a weekly fitness routine to allow your body to recuperate.

Centre Hop & Squat

Stand either side of the step box, jump with both feet and land in the middle of the step.  Drop one arm down and touch the box.  Repeat this and alternate with your other hand.

Fitness Suspension Trainer

The Avento Suspension Trainer is ideal for performing a full routine of bodyweight key moves. The suspension trainer exercise band system is easy to install and remove allowing you to perform a full-body session anywhere you choose.

This portable and rigged suspension trainer can be securely attached to any sturdy support structure including beams, poles, or a home door frame. Attach the suspension system to a tree for an invigorating outdoor workout.

The Avento Suspension Trainer is crafted with safety and utility in mind. The robust nylon straps feature attached rubber handles and a safety loop that prevents falls when one of the handles or loops is released. The included door anchor makes it easy to securely attach the suspension trainer to any sturdy structure for safe and effective bodyweight workouts anywhere.

Doorway Fitness Bar for Pull Ups, Push Ups and More

A doorway fitness bar mounts easily and securely to any door frame allowing you to perform a wide array of strength-building exercises using only your body weight as resistance.

The durable steel frame of the doorway training bar is sturdy enough for use as a pull-up or chin-up bar when mounted at the top of a doorway. Mount the bar at the bottom of the doorway to secure your feet while performing sit-ups, pull ups, push ups or crunches. You can even use the bar as a freestanding support for push ups and tricep dips.

The doorway trainer bar fits most standard-size door frames and supports the full weight of users up to 100kg.

Weighted Vest

SuperStrong Fitness weight vests allow you to build up your workout intensity as your fitness level increases. Simply add or remove the 1 kg cast iron weights from the attached pockets to customize your workout.

This versatile weighted exercise vest can be worn during any type of exercise to increase resistance and help burn fat and build muscle while jogging, hiking, or performing bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, pull ups, push ups, and much more.

The Super Strong Fitness one-size-fits-all weighted exercise vest features comfortable wide shoulder straps that sit securely and evenly across your chest preventing injury to your lower back or stress to muscles.  It comes in either a 10kg or 20kg weight maximum and the removable 1kg cast iron weights allow you to customise the weight of the vest to meet your specific needs.  

Browse our range of other Weighted accessories such as wrist and leg weights, to add additional resistance to simple routines.  Even add to one arm or one leg at a time to build up endurance and go at your pace.

Weighted Vest Exercises for serious Strength Gains

Build these exercises into your workout twice a week.  Try for one day, have sufficient rest periods, 1-2 rest days then repeat again.

Mountain Climber

Wearing the vest and starting in a Press Up position, bring your left leg/knee towards your left elbow then swap over to the other side in a rapid range of motion.  Work up to high reps of 20-30.

Weighted Skaters

Cross your right leg behind your left and do a half squat.  Jump to the right and swap arms and legs. 15-20 reps.

The Advantages Of Bodyweight & Resistance Training

Bodyweight exercising offer huge advantages when compared side-by-side with fitness routines centered only around weight-lifting exercises. The most obvious advantage is the ability to work out anywhere at any time with no need to drag yourself into the gym or buy and store costly home workout accessories. Faithful push ups, press ups, pull ups and lunges are efficient, simple bodyweight movements that not only target specific areas of your body but increases your overall power.

Using your own mass allows users to safely build up strength with less risk of injury. There is no danger of lifting too heavy weights for your body size and fitness level, and cardio activities are low-impact and rely on resistance to amplify fat burning.

Perhaps the best aspect of bodyweight workout training is its accessibility to all ages, body types, and fitness levels from professional athletes to casual exercisers. 

Need some advice?  No worries, get in touch with one of our friendly team.

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