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Ankle and Wrist Weights

Why Should I Use Ankle or Wrist Weights?

Our versatile range of ankle and wrist weights are perfect for strength training, adding extra resistance to your workout to build strength and to aid rehabilitation after an injury.  Wrist and ankle weights come in both lower weight options to heavier weights with extra long velcro straps so are easily adjustable to suit your requirements and deliver the perfect fit.

Add Resistance with Ankle & Wrist Weights

Want to intensify your workouts with extra resistance?  Adding extra resistance with both ankle weights and wrist weights can turn a dull and ineffective routine into an explosive workout. Try Donkey Kicks or Leg Lifts with ankle weights to target your glutes or add both ankle and wrist weights to your usual power walk and feel the burn.  Wrist and ankle weights are fantastic tools for adding extra resistance to any workout style whether it be Functional Fitness, HIIT, Strength Training with weights, Plyometrics, Boxing or simple toning exercises.  Challenge yourself further with heavier weights and low impact routines or lower weights to high intensity workouts for a balanced and results driven routine.

Strength Training with Wrist & Ankle Weights

Maybe your Strength Training sessions have become a bit static?  Our neoprene weights with reinforced stitching and velcro strap feel comfortable while you boost your routines and add resistance in measured steps.  To suit both beginners and training professionals, our wrist and ankle weights range from lower weight (0.5kg) to heavier weights (2kg) and are easily adjustable to your level.  Add to your Free Weights routine for amazing results.

Wrist & Ankle Weights Aid Rehabilitation

After an injury, wrist weights in particular are highly effective at improving your hand grip strength.  Add resistance from 10-40kg with our aluminium Hand Grip  and build endurance to your forearms, wrists and fingers.  Both arm weights and leg weights can be used in a graded capacity within physio and rehabilitation sessions to slowly add resistance and improve weakness to specific muscle groups.

Ankle & Wrist Weights Optimise Performance

Wear ankle weights while training to optimise your performance.  Whether you are a professional sprinter, boxer or team sports player such as football and basketball, adding extra resistance to your daily training can amplify your sporting performance.  Ankle and wrist weights, similar to resistance bands, can catapult your standard training routine to a whole new level.  Neoprene weights help to build power, endurance and extra strength, honing your muscles and enhancing your performance while you master your technique.

Ankle & Wrist Weights - Why should I add Heavier Weights?

Whether it is to improve your sports performance or enhance your workout results, wearing wrist and ankle weights for extra resistance can only be beneficial.  Here are some of the main benefits:

Using wrist weights and ankle weights in your workout will result in Higher Fat Burn and Fat Loss
Wrist and Arm Weights help to build Stamina and Endurance
Ankle and Wrist Weights help to increase Strength, Power and Speed
Using ankle and wrist weights save time by adding resistance to shorter workouts instead of working out for longer periods meaning you work smarter not longer.
Cost Effective -  investing in wrist and ankle weights is less costly than standard strength training kit
Wrist and Ankle Weights are mobile and easily adjustable
Adds greater variety to your workout options with arm weights and leg weights
Ankle and wrist weights are adaptable to all levels of fitness, beginner to pro
Arm and Wrist Weights are highly versatile and multi-functional.  They can be used in all types of workout and sports training

Safety with Ankle & Wrist Weights

If you want to add resistance to your workouts with ankle and wrist weights you need to pay attention to a few factors before you use arm weights and leg weight add ons.  To prevent injury to tendons and joints, firstly take care to test out different levels of weight to get the right level for you.  Begin at the lower weights and work up to heavier weights in careful steps.  You may not even need to scale up if you find comfortable wrist weights or ankle weights at a lower capacity.  The ankle and wrist need to feel comfortable whatever activity you are carrying out.  Secondly, be mindful of overdoing it.  It can be easy to plunge right in and use wrist and ankle weights consistently for several days in a row and find you are in too much pain the following week to continue.  Be measured and sensible with your approach and listen to your body.  Take rest days from wearing ankle and wrist weights or just wear one set.  If you want to wear leg weights when performing leg exercises or arm weights to add resistance to strength training sessions, be cautious of any existing injuries to muscles or joints.  Overuse or too much, too soon on areas of your body that are weaker from injury or a existing condition can cause further damage.

Wrist Ankle Weights - When and Where?

Both wrist weights and arm weights can be used while you perform any workout in a Home Gym, PT session or your local fitness facility.  Wear ankle weights while you do a leg workout or arm weights in Strength Training sets.   Wrist and ankle weights are the perfect fitness accessory for outdoor walking, running and other sports training as they are easily adjustable, have the perfect fit (one size fits all) and stay in place while you move around.

Running and Sprinting
Strength Training Sessions
Boxing Training
Functional Fitness
Sports Training

What is Resistance Training?

Resistance training, whether you are using ankle and wrist weights, a weighted vest or a weighted barbell, is any form of exercise that uses an external force or your own bodyweight to make muscles contract.  There are literally hundreds of ways to incorporate resistance into a fitness session but the most commonly used tools are strength training kit such as free weights, weight machines, and your own bodyweight with weighted add ons such as ankle and wrist weights, weighted vests and resistance bands. 

Strength Training examples

Uses resistance from Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Weight Machines

Bodyweight examples

Exercies that use your own bodyweight for resistance - Squats, Lunges, Planks, Push-Ups, Press-Ups 

Bodyweight Add Ons examples

Performing the above type of exercises with extra weights to add resistance and propel results - Weighted Vests, Ankle and Wrist Weights, other Arm Weights, Resistance Bands, Suspension Trainers


Other Types of Resistance Tools

SuperStrong supply all types of resistance training tools from Resistance Bands, Weighted Vests, TRX Suspension equipment and More.  

Want to chat?  Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions relating to our ankle and wrist weights collection.