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Belt Squat

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Discover the ultimate solution for lower body strength training with the Belt Squat Machine.

This innovative equipment is designed to target your legs and core without the stress on your back and shoulders that traditional squats can cause.

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Specification Value
Maximum Plate Load Capacity 110kg per side, 220kg Total
Maximum User Weight 200 kg
Weight 132kg
Dimensions 192.3cm × 122.7cm × 109cm
Shipping Dimensions 149cm × 104cm × 79cm
Platform Dimensions L: 1200mm, W: 800mm, H: 6mm
Steel Tubing (RHS Thick Frame) L: 50mm x W: 75mm x H: 3mm
Steel Tubing (Main Lifting Arm) L: 75mm x W: 75mm x H: 3mm

Features & Benefits

Key Features
Ergonomic Design
The PowerPro Belt Squat Machine features a user-friendly design that ensures proper squat form, reducing the risk of injury. Its ergonomic structure allows for natural body movement, making your workouts both effective and safe.
Adjustable Resistance
Equipped with an adjustable weight-loading pin, the machine accommodates various fitness levels and intensities. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, you can tailor the resistance to match your strength and training goals.
Versatile Workout Options
Not limited to squats, the PowerPro Belt Squat Machine also allows for a range of exercises such as lunges and calf raises, providing a comprehensive lower body workout.
Space-Efficient Design
Ideal for home gyms or commercial settings, this machine boasts a compact footprint, making it a convenient addition to any workout space.
Focuses on Lower Body Strength
Specifically targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, promoting muscle growth and strength in the lower body.
Reduces Upper Body Strain
By transferring the load to your hips, the belt squat machine minimizes stress on your spine and upper body, making it a safer alternative for those with back or shoulder issues.
Improves Squat Mechanics
The guided movement of the machine helps in refining squat technique, beneficial for both new and experienced lifters.


Belt Squat

Belt Squat

£899.00 £1,099.00
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Belt Squat

Belt Squat

Your Price:
£899.00 £1,099.00
You Save: £200.00 19%
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