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Folding Squat Rack

Foldable Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar
SAVE £80.00
SAVE £80.00
Foldable Squat Rack with Pull Up...
£469.00 £549.00

There is no need to compromise with our Folding Squat Rack.   You can train in confidence when tackling heavy barbell workouts, purchase additional modular rig add ons for greater workout versatility and hook on storage attachments for saving even more space.

Firstly, let's look at Squat Racks in more detail.

What are Squat Racks?

A squat rack is a vertical steel structure with J hooks for adding spotters arms and other steel uprights allowing for safe weight lifting and strength building exercises using your own bodyweight.  It has two steel uprights and a support base at the top with either an integrated or modular Pull Up bar as well as options for other extensions such as a Dip Bar and Spotter Arms.   If you have limited space, a folding rack or wall mount unit are great Squat Rack features for storing away when not in use or to keep mounted freeing up floor space.

Why do I need a Squat Rack?

Squat Racks and Squat Stands are by far the most versatile and productive pieces  of Strength Training equipment there is.  Super multi-functional and versatile, a Squat Rack or a Power Rack allows you to carry out loaded Barbell Workouts safely and securely without assistance.  You can incorporate a weight bench and additional safety arms with J hooks to further support you as well as modular add ons to make your Squat Rack into a fully equipped rig set-up where you can perform all types of targeted workouts.  With a space-saving Squat Rack solution you can perform greater Barbell moves as well as bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, dead lifts, bench press, chin ups and More with a robust structure holding everything in place and supporting your bodyweight and equipment.

Let's look at the most FAQ our customers ask us in relation to Squat Racks to get to grips with all the basics:

Foldable Wall Mount Rack - What is it made of?

This space-saving squat rack and pull up bar is built with 75mm x 75mm, 3mm box steel like the other free standing and wall mounted racks in our range.  The folding Rack uses a hinge system for simple assembly and folding power, has laser cut numbered uprights and a protective powder coated finish for ultimate durability and easy grip.  With easy installation, adjustable features and simple maintenance, our ultra sturdy rack solution is a staple for any personal or commercial gym facility.

What is included with a Folding Rack?

This wall mount Rack comes with 2 solid steel stringer wall plates making it one of the most stable foldable racks out there. The slotted fixing holes allow you to fit the foldable squat rack to your wall safely whether it be a block, reinforced stud or brick wall. These Stringer plates are a far superior and safer fixing solution than the single brackets you find on lesser folding Racks. The Heavy duty split pins allow for easy set up and smooth fold away.  It also features an integrated pull up bar which contributes to the rigs fantastic stability.  Affixing the rack to a wall or having it free standing is optional.

Dimensions when unfolded:

Height: 2300mm
Width: 1230mm
Depth: 610mm
Maximum Load Capacity: 400kg


What is the difference between a Squat Rack and a Power Rack?

A Squat rack is a smaller structure with less vertical uprights than a Power Rack for more lightweight set ups.  It has 2 columns and a support base.  Power Racks are larger, stronger and come in various sizes with a more cage like appearance and more attachment bars.  Like the name suggests, a Power Rack has more powerful workout capacity to a standard Squat Rack or Half Rack.  Both options are fantastic tools for Weight Training and it really comes down to space, budget and requirement when deciding between the two.  If you are very commited to serious Weight Training, you may find a folding Power Rack more suited to your level of use.

What other Racks and Rig Solutions are available?

We also offer Free Standing and other Wall Mounted Squat Racks which come in various sizes, from 2 bay to 8 bay options depending on the level of users and amount of space you have.  Both products come in 4 popular colour choices, are made from hardy reinforced steel with a sleek protective powder coated finish for optimal durability.  These popular wall mountable and free stand racks are certified to UK and European standards, are suitable as a commercial grade solution for busy fitness facilities and PT Studios as well as private Home and Garage Gyms.

Squat Rack Accessories

There are a number useful attachments to boost your rack's functionality, stability and safety.  Here are a list of the main components:

Spotter Arms or Safety Arms

These steel extension arms also referred to as Angel Arms are used for additional safety and protection when working out and carrying out bench exercises by securely locking onto the rack uprights and preventing injury.  Spotter Arms can also be used for rigs and other apparatus.

Dip Bar/Dip Station

Attaching to the front of the rack, a Dip Bar is used for upper body strengthing allowing you to perform key targeting exercises to specific muscle groups with a sturdy and stable support.  A Dip station is a separate piece of kit which is attached to the wall for regular upper body workouts.

Pull Up Bar

A Pull Up Bar is a heavy duty steel bar attachment for Pull Ups and other exercises.

Other Rack Accessories

Our folding Squat Rack is also compatible with a number of our storage attachments and exercise add ons.  You can purchase Suspension Trainers, Landmines, Gym Rings, Barbell Holders, Weight Pegs for Weight Plates and Bumper Plates, Leg Curl Extensions and Resistance bands to equip your Squat Rack even further and make it completely personal to you.

Is my Folding Squat Rack suitable for a Home Gym or Garage Gym Space?

A folding squat rack is the perfect addition to any type of home workout space such as a Home Gym or Garage Gym area.  The folding feature means the rack takes up much less permanent space.  Additionally, you can use this Folding Squat rack on a wall mount for even more stability.  Home Gyms are ideal spaces for solo training sessions which means you can perform Barbell workouts and strength training unassisted.

Have questions.  No problem.  Get in touch if we can help with any queries.

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