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Benefits of the Hex Bar in Strength Training

By Michael Geraghty October 11, 2021 0 comments

The Hex bar is popular and versatile gym equipment tool for performing deadlifts and progressing all-round strength.  

Benefits of the hex bar

A good alternative to the traditional Barbell, here we look at the key benefits of using a Hex bar in Strength Training.

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Great for Beginners

Benefits of the hex bar

The Hex bar deadlift is a great exercise for all lifters, however can be used with beginners to help fast track them towards increasing muscle growth, pulling strength, and understanding proper hinging mechanics.

Less Potential Strain on the Lower Back

Benefits of the hex bar

Deadlifting in general can involve stress and strain on the lower back therefore it is important to recognise the Hex bar deadlift benefits for many beginners. The Hex bar deadlift, while still used as a hinging movement, generally produces less stress on the lower back than conventional deadlifts, making it a good variation to develop strength yet allow the lower back to recover.

High Transfer to Sports

Benefits of the hex bar

Olympic weightlifters typically train the clean pull/clean deadlift, a movement that places the lifter in a more upright pulling position (when compared to the standard conventional deadlift). Like the clean deadlift, the Hex bar deadlift can be used to increase leg and back strength yet minimise lower back stress. Hex bar deadlifts can also be done with lower hip positions to target the quadriceps and glutes, similar to what is needed in the clean pull.

Can Potentially Minimize Injury 

Benefits of the hex bar

While exercising in general has an inherent risk of injury, Hex bar deadlifting can help coaches take precautionary measures with taller and/or beginner lifters as it limits range of motion and lumbar stress (due to a more vertical back angle).

Diversifies Pulling Strength

To develop well-rounded pulling performance, a lifter can integrate a variety of exercises to diversify strength and muscular development.  While a lifter should train consistently with their primary deadlifting stance/technique, integrating variety into training can help increase muscle growth and maximise injury prevention (and minimise overuse).


The Hex bar is a great tool to use if you are a relative beginner and not confident of your form when deadlifting.  It is also great for all user levels for integrating your routines while tackling the same muscle group or for lifters who perhaps have a back weakness and want to reduce injury.

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