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Here is our Strength Equipment Storage Options

By Michael Geraghty October 11, 2021 0 comments

If you use strength equipment on a regular basis, it is important to have suitable storage solutions in place to ensure maximum safety when working out.  Furthermore, you want your equipment to perform at it's best, be readily available for use and most crucially, last the test of time.


We have outlined the different types of storage options available for your strength equipment and some quick pointers on how to consider the best storage choice for your fitness space.

How to Store Strength Equipment


There are several ways of storing strength equipment, some better than others.  These include storage for Bumper Plates, Barbells, Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and other weight equipment.  Depending on your specific circumstances, it is necessary to consider the following factors before you decide what is the best option for you.


  • Space - How much space do I have for storage in my workout area?
  • Environment - Is my gym indoors or outdoors? Does my equipment need to be protected from low or high temperatures?
  • Safety - Your workout space should allow adequate room to freely move around without obstacles.  Think about using storage that will allow you to perform safely.
  • Protection - A workout space should have a protective surface to prevent damage to your subfloor from heavy equipment 
  • Budget - How much do I want to invest in storage?
  • Time - Some storage solutions require time and knowledge to assemble.  Think of how simple or complex your storage should be.
  • Suitability - You need to take into account the types of weight equipment you have, the material it is constructed with for eg steel, urethane or rubber to decide on how best to store them and what conditions should be in place

Types of Storage for Strength Equipment

From wall mounted to units, shelving and stand alone units, there are a huge amount of storage options available.  After considering the above points and what products suit your requirements, you are able to narrow down what choices are suitable.  Here we look at popular options for strength equipment storage.

Dumbbell Rack


These are widely seen in commercial and home gyms and safely hold dumbbell pairs for easy and safe access. 

Our two-tier Hex Dumbbell rack holds 12 dumbbell pairs and is a sturdy, portable storage solution that is ideal for smaller spaces as it doesn't require lots of room.

Weight Plate Tree


Robust and secure, the Proud Olympic Plate Tree constructed of powder coated steel for extra grip, has a high load capacity with wider spaced legs for maximum stability.

Squat Rack


Squat racks are a great way of merging function and storage in one. Our Squat Rack with Plate Storage and Barbell Spotters has a handy h-shaped base with non-slip feet for safe and reliable weight sessions.

Vertical Bumper Plate Stacker


These units safely store bumpers in even the tightest of spaces. Our wall and floor mounted storage is made with heavy duty steel designed to be easily assembled/dismantled.

Fitness Mats for Under Heavy Equipment/Storage


Investing in rubber fitness tiles for strength equipment areas is essential to protect damage to your floor or equipment.  Install loose laid mats or interlocking tiles to keep accidents at bay.


There are a number of things to consider before purchasing strength equipment storage that will suit your needs and gym space.  Above all else, safety is key when working out with weight equipment and your choice should reflect how freely you can train avoiding trip hazards and injury.

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