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The Comprehensive Guide to Dumbbell Racks

By Richard McKay October 11, 2022 0 comments

Dumbbells are a worthwhile investment and make a great addition to any commercial or home gym. The weights are designed in such a way that can be carried with just one hand, making them easier to manage than other weights. There are many ways that people can use dumbbells in their work out routine, making them a useful and versatile option. 


However, as most people begin to build a dumbbell collection, they are inevitably faced with this issue; storage. When it comes to home gyms, people often start out simply keeping their dumbbells on the ground. Yet, as their collection begins to grow, they realise that this isn’t a sustainable or helpful option. Instead, investing in a dumbbell rack is the best choice by far. 


What is a Dumbbell Rack?


Dumbbell racks are exactly what they sound like; racks for storing and organising dumbbells. Anyone who is going to build a collection of dumbbells should invest in one. Not only do they provide a great place to store dumbbells when they’re not in use, they also make organisation by size simple. 


Why You Should Invest in a Dumbbell Rack


Whether you are building a home gym or a fitness studio, dumbbell racking is an important investment, preventing accidents and injury, as well as ensuring smooth, orderly care for dumbbells. Here are some of the reasons you should buy a dumbbell rack for your gym:

Weight Organisation


Dumbbell storage can be tricky if you don’t have a rack designed specifically for weights. Dumbbell racks are created in a way that dumbbells can be organised by size. This makes them easier to store and also makes them easier to use. 


With the effective, by-size organisation provided by dumbbell racks, finding the dumbbells you want to use is simple. An organised dumbbell rack also helps you keep track of what you have and what you need as you are building your collection. This will not only save you money, but will help to ensure you are able to build and keep track of a complete collection of dumbbells.


Workout Ease


When you use organised dumbbell storage, you are ensuring greater ease for your workout. With everything in a specific place, you will be able to grab and replace what you need without losing your momentum. Organisation during your workout gives you more time to exercise and allows you to stay in the zone. 


Keep Track of Your Dumbbells


With a dumbbell rack, you will be able to keep track of your dumbbells easily. After a workout session, cleaning up is easy because everything has a place. If anything is missing, you’ll immediately be able to tell so that you can start looking. If your weights are organised by size, not only will you notice that something is missing, you’ll also know what is missing. 


Easy to Store


One of the great things about dumbbell racks is that they are relatively small compared to other types of gym equipment. That means you can easily set them in an accessible location without them taking up too much space. Keep in mind that without a rack, your dumbbell collection would likely end up all over the floor. They would take up a ton of floor space, be difficult to manage, and pose a safety hazard. 


Choose Vertical or Horizontal


Another great feature of dumbbell racks is that they come in either a vertical or horizontal design. You will be able to choose the rack that best suits your space. If you have a wider space for your dumbbell racking, a horizontal design will probably be best. However, if you have a small but tall area, look for a vertical rack. 


Types of Dumbbell Racks


It’s easy to see why you will want to invest in dumbbell racks for your home or commercial gym, however, choosing the type of dumbbell rack to purchase may be a bit more of a challenge. There are two main types of dumbbell racks out there, so it’s important to find out which one will fit your custom needs. 


Here are the two most common and effective types of dumbbell racks: 


Tier Dumbbell Racks


Tier dumbbell racks are horizontal racks. They typically have 2-3 rows, each with the ability to hold multiple dumbbells. These racks make it simple to unrack and re-rack the dumbbells for easy organising and care. The downside of these racks is that they take up a lot more floor space than others and typically are more expensive.


Triangular Dumbbell Racks


Triangular dumbbell racks come in the shape of a triangle, and take up more wall space than floor space. Gyms without a great deal of storage space may prefer triangular racks for the compact design. These dumbbell racks tend to cost less than tier racks, however, they don’t hold as many weights. 


Choosing the Right Dumbbell Rack 


Before you decide on a dumbbell rack, you will want to take a few steps to help you choose the best one for your needs and for your space.


Consider the Amount of Dumbbells 


Whether you have a complete collection, a few dumbbells, or you are in the middle of building your collection, the number of dumbbells you will eventually need to store is important. Different types of dumbbell racks hold different amounts of dumbbells. 


Tier Dumbbell racks hold more than Triangular Dumbbell racks, which means if you are planning on building a complete collection, you will probably want to get the former. 


Check the Weight Rating


Most dumbbell racks will have a weight rating on it that tells users the maximum weight that the rack can hold. It’s important to pay attention to this so that you purchase a rack that is going to have the ability to hold all of your weights. Don’t make the mistake of investing in a rack that won’t have the capacity to do the job you need. 


Check Out the Quality of Construction


A dumbbell rack is meant to store multiple weights. It’s going to need to be strong, well-built, and capable of holding your dumbbells without issue. 


Make sure the construction of the rack is sturdy. If you have an opportunity to check out the rack in person, do so. Feel the rack and ensure that it is durable and strong, and that it doesn’t feel like it's on the verge of collapse. 


If you don’t have the ability to check it out in person, read multiple online reviews. With these reviews, you can learn from those who have gone before you. Any issues with the dumbbell rack not being constructed well and collapsing are sure to be mentioned in reviews. 


Super Strong Racks


Now that you know why you need a dumbbell rack, what type would be best for you and your space, as well as what you need to consider as you look, you’re ready to check out some of the best options on the market today. 


Squat Racks


Squat Racks are a top investment because they serve a dual purpose, providing dumbbell storage along with an assist for workouts and lifts. Squat Racks come in multiple forms with options that will fit pretty much any gym space. They tend to have horizontal width, making them closer to a tier rack than triangular, and giving them more abilities and features than other racks. 


Here are a number of squat rack options offered by Super Strong Racks:


Squat Stand


Squat stands are a great option for gyms where space is limited. They are free standing, but can easily be moved and set out of the way. Due to their limited capacity, these stands are best for smaller dumbbell collections. 


Free Standing Squat Rack


Free standing squat racks are a versatile dumbbell rack option that can be used for workouts and storage. These racks have a sturdy construction and are bolted to the floor for safety and reliability. To complete your storage needs, purchase Super Strong storage extensions that can hold your full dumbbell collection. 


Wall Mounted Squat Rack 


Similar to free standing squat racks, wall mounted racks are great for every gym as they can be used for workout and dumbbell collection storage. They are great for pull-ups, squats, and bench pressing, with room for dumbbell storage. 


Wall Mounted Squat Rack (Modular)


Modular racks are best for commercial gyms as they can be greatly expanded, adding on additional racks for further workout and storage space. 


Foldable Wall Mounted Rack


Foldable wall mounted racks are perfect for gyms where floor space is limited. They can be used for a variety of workout and storage options. There is an easy to access handle that enables folding up against the wall for more space when workouts are over and they are being used for storage. 


Squat Rack Modular Shelf Add-On


These shelf add-ons turn any squat rack into dumbbell storage. Add the shelves you need to increase your space and increase the storage space for your dumbbells. 


Power Rack


Power racks are a great option for storage and exercise. Stand in the racks while working out, add shelves and other attachments for accessible dumbbell storage. 





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